Boxer Cycles are based in Poole, Dorset and use local manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible to ensure that our exacting standards are met and that we support the local and British economy. Whether we need laser-cut aluminium parts or hand-stitched upholstery panels, we try our best to get it done within a ten mile radius of our factory.

Boxer was founded by Jeremy Davies in 2013, years after he spotted the niche in the market for an innovative cargo trike design. Davies built his first roadworthy cargo tricycle in 2008, a self-confessed ‘Frankentrike’ called The Lobster, with huge 26″ knobbly tyres, a tilting parallelogram rack and torsion bar front suspension.

Whilst this design achieved Davies’ goal of being able to negotiate the rough tracks of Purbeck at speed, its cargo carrying capability was poor due to its tilting wheels and its excessive weight, which was caused by the overly complicated suspension system .

Davies next tried a non suspension cargo trike with 20″ front wheels and 26″ rear, which proved to be a great success for doing school runs, taking the kids and dog to the beach, or dodging lengthy queues when shopping. On its maiden voyage the Vélo Électrique E250 attracted two buyers and the rest is history.

Davies had no facilities to produce cargo trikes in volume and was still working a full time job, so reluctantly it was decided to import the key components from China. The quality of the Chinese trike frames was very good but they were let down by poor finishing, such as paint and fastenings. Wherever required, units were powder-coated and rebuilt in Purbeck to ensure that the trikes were of a suitable standard before delivery.

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