Boxer- Made in the UK

At Boxer we pride ourselves on our commitment to make trikes in the UK, and to support our fellow British suppliers. It is all too easy these days to outsource to China and Taiwan for cycles components, but that is not what our brand is about.

We value the interaction between our team and our suppliers, and we enjoy our ‘cup of tea and biscuit’ based brainstorming sessions, staring at a pile of aluminium tubes and a pencil-drawn sketch. This is the way design and engineering should be: collaborative and spontaneous. It allows all parties involved to feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement when the finished product is revealed.

We rejoice in the fact that we are entering into a burgeoning international market for high quality, handmade British goods, alongside manufacturers like Morgan, Pashley and Rolls Royce, to name but a few. We don’t have any parts made of French polished walnut yet – but we are working on it!