General FAQ

 How long does the battery last from a full charge?

  • Depending on your physical fitness and the speed you ride the bike a battery can last anything from 10-50 miles. Our personal record has been 58 miles on hilly terrain around Bournemouth using the power to pull out of junctions to get up to speed and for assistance on hills where pedal power alone was not enough.
  • If you ride with the power on all the time (for speed) but assist as much as you can with pedalling you will get around 20+ miles.
  • If you hardly pedal at all and expect the bike to do nearly all of the work for you – you will be lucky to reach 10 miles from a charge.

What about spare parts – where do I get them from?

  • The  range uses standard 26″ and 20″ bike wheels, dérailleur gears, chain, pedals, brakes, tyres etc. – all of these components can be purchased from us or can be purchased or repaired at your local bike store.
  • The electric motor is of a standard design and can be replace with one of a similar rating with no issue or a replacement can be supplied by Boxer.
  • The battery is also of a standard design/rack type and replacements or additional batteries can be purchased from Boxer.
  • The front wooden sections can be supplied by Boxer or can be made yourself using 12 mm marine plywood and a jigsaw – get creative!!!
  • The front pivot bearing and shaft can be purchased from Boxer .
  • Had a crash??? Any frame damage can be rectified by your local metal fabricator /welder and paint shop. If in doubt call Boxer and we can advise the best course of action including repair at the Boxer workshop.

Can I upgrade my motor to a higher rating?

  • The motor supplied is a 250W unit which is the maximum that EU electric trike legislation allows currently. If you wish to fit a larger motor then you will be breaking the law if you use the trike on the public roads in the EU. Fitting a larger motor will require that the cycle becomes registered and type tested to the Pedelec R and Pedelec S categories which is not somethign that Boxer plan to do at this stage.
  • For US models we can fit upto 1kw motors on request.
  • Motors of up to 3kW are available on the market – this will turn your Boxer into a rocket ship! but remember that the Boxer is not designed to hurtle round at high speeds and turning will become dangerous with that sort of power on hand. If you must upgrade your motor, we strongly advise that you restrict the maximum speed to 15 mph and use the power for heavy hill climbing only. We would also ask that you remove the Boxer serial number plate (which is required by law in EU) as this will no longer be valid and nor will your warranty.

Can I upgrade the battery to a larger size?

  • Yes – but we recommend to just buy another unit and swap them over when one is depleted, it is cheaper to do and does not void your warranty.

How long does the battery take to charge?

  • From flat – around 4-6 hours
  • Remember that batteries do not accept charge that well if they are cold (below 10C), Boxer recommends that you always charge your battery somewhere warm like inside your house, this way it will accept more charge and can deliver more power for longer.
  • The battery is charged when the red light on the charger turns green.

How big is the battery charger?

  • About the size of a laptop power supply.

Can I charge the battery overseas?

  • The battery charger supplied uses normal European mains voltage (230V) and also US 110V  – if you take the trike overseas then you can use a conventional power adapter or simply change the plug.

Does the Boxer Shuttle, Cargo and Rocket have lights as standard?

  • The Boxer Shuttle includes both front and rear individually controlled battery lights as standard. You can purchase the 12 Volt safety light kit which replaces these lights and uses high power automotive specification LED headlights, indicators and stop/tail lights which are controllable from an instrument cluster switch on the handlebars.
  • The Boxer Cargo, does not come with any lights as standard, the 12 Volt safety light kit can be purchased to fit this model also
  • The Boxer Rocket comes with 12 Volt safety lights as standard including the huge 5 inch classic  headlight, wing mounted indicators and the central rear stop/tail lamp.

Can the seats be removed or repositioned?

  • In the Rocket, the seats are fitted with Boxer’s quick release system and as a result are fully adjustable and can recline if needed to make a bed. They can also be removed  if needed.
  • In the Shuttle, the seats are made of plywood and sit in machined grooves that allow them to be completely removed if need be without the need for any tools. The seat is secured in place with a latch bolt that you can fit your own padlock. This means that you can securely lock away helmets bags and coats under the seats without worry.

Will the seatbelts  fit my child?

  • The new model of Boxer seatbelts (Jan 2016 onwards) will revert to 3 point seatbelts as the 5 point seatbelts were found to not restrain a child any better than the original 3 point seatbelts. The main problem with children and cargo bike seatbelts is that the top belts fall off the shoulder and effectively render the seatbelt useless. Boxer has devised a simple loop and clamp strap which allows parents to secure the shoulder straps across the chest to prevent them from slipping. In our tests this solution has proven to be far superior than any three or 5 point harness.
  • All of our trikes will be fitted with this solution from January 16.
  • Children as old as 9-10 can use our seatbelts which are adjustable in all ways, leg strap and shoulder strap with a  simple buckle.
  • For children under 12 months we recommend the Weber baby seat range which we stock and can factory fit for you.

Can I mount our existing childs car seat in the cargo box?

  • The answer is yes, however you may need to get creative with the fixing methods. You can use the existing seatbelts to secure it or use a ratchet strap or surf board roof bar strap to anchor the seat firmly to the roll-bar frame and to the base of the box. You may wish to take the front seat out to get the seat lower in the box as they are typically quite high.
  • If in doubt, consult Boxer and we will either create mounting points specific to your particular car seat or we can provide you with an off the shelf polystyrene baby seat as used on the Dutch bikes.