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Great article on both the Shuttle and Saturn in Urban Cyclist Magazine (UK) (March 2016)

Review of the Boxer Saturn in Urban Cyclist Magazine – March 2016

Review of the Boxer Shuttle in Urban Cyclist Magazine – March 2016



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The Rocket Saturn buyer will be getting one of the most interesting and memorable trikes on the road

Dorset Masthead web“A whole new breed of super-trikes… What’s not to like?” (September 2015)bike-rumor“Some of the most eye-catching trikes on the planet” (August 2015)




“Daddy, what would happen if we put the Rocket in the water?” (August 2015)

bike-rumor“… emphasis on the safety and riding experience of the kiddie cargo, while still having enough upgrades and add-ons for riders to customize their kit to their climate, city, or bike infrastructure situation.” (June 2015)


bbc-logo-designBBC Autos “Top 10 Most Beautiful Bicycles of 2015” (April 2015)


Ausauto“A piece of functional art” (May 2015)

gizmag“Even within a segment of such new and unusual designs, the Boxer Rocket stands out with bold, stylish looks.” (May 2015)


“So ein cooles Teil! Dieses Kindertransportrad macht jeden Ausflug zu einem richtigen Abenteuer.” [“Such a cool piece! This kid transport makes every journey a real adventure.”] (May 2015)


eecosphere“Quite a looker in any light. In fact, it may be the hottest vehicle on the road for hauling stuff in style.” (May 2015)



May/June 2015 edition – “Fun, sociable and secure… you simply get on and go” (May 2015)


design trend“A pioneer in the development of luxury cargo trikes” (April 2015)



ennori“英国の自転車メーカー Boxer Cycles の」は、この問題を解決するかもしれない電動アシスト3輪車(トライク)。” [“Boxer Cycles solves the problem”] (April 2015)


bike-rumor“UK’s Boxer Cycles is looking to add some excitement and artistic flair to this niche market.” (April 2015)


get salt“Dankzij de Rocket van Boxer Cycles zal fietsen nooit meer hetzelfde zijn. ” [“Thanks to the Rocket from Boxer Cycles, bikes will never be the same again.”] (April 2015)


salon logo

“красочны и дерзки” [“Colourful and daring”] (April 2015)


tree hugger“Quite possibly the coolest looking cargo bike around, the Rocket will not only turn heads, but is also a practical hauler for kids and gear.” (March 2015)


autoevolution“Groundbreaking style and personality” (March 2015)


cycle space - needs crop“My god, the answer was right there under our noses. Dymaxion bikes!” (March 2015)


“В этом необычном велосипеде предусмотрено всё, чтобы велопрогулки были комфортными и безопасными … на нём можно перевозить весьма внушительные грузы.” [“Everything a cycle needs … comfortable, safe, impressive”] (March 2015)


ecowatch“The design possibilities are endless. Creative minds are transforming cargo bikes from something very practical and utilitarian into versatile art.” (February 2015)