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Shoot – Electric Camera Dolly Trike


Product Description

Boxer were approached by a film production company to develop a custom mobile filming platform/tracking vehicle to allow low angle filming and unrestricted camera movement. We responded by designing and building the Boxer Shoot, an electrically propelled tricycle with aluminium chequer plate filming platform, perfect for use with todays range of handheld camera gimbals.

The Boxer Shoot is equipped with a 360 degree swivel seat with adjustable height which allows the camera operator to comfortably achieve a range of movement of around 270 degrees without impingement. The Boxer Shoot has two ‘hand ladders’ – one on each side – which enable the camera operator to safely lean out from the platform to gain a low perspective or get close to a subject. The operator can brace their feet against the chequer plate front end, for added stability whilst cornering or braking.

The Shoot comes with a 250 electric drive system which is street legal. The Shoot is classified as an Electric Bicycle under EN14764 and hence can ride anywhere a bicycle can ride. This makes the Shoot incredibly useful in on-road situations where a permit would normally be required for a motor vehicle. The 12V safety lighting set can be added optionally, making the Shoot visible both on- and off-road.

The Shoot’s E-drive allows speeds of 20 mph to be easily maintained on the flat and lower speeds to be maintained riding hills – more than fast enough for most filming situations. The E-drive also allows for low but constant speeds, for applications like dolly shots or even timelapse moves.

In our tests with the customer, both the rider and camera operator found the Shoot to be extremely easy to use. The rider was able to reach and maintain a good speed and change direction easily, whilst the stability and open design of the filming platform meant that the camera operator was able to achieve smooth and dynamic shots from a variety of interesting angles.

As an option the Boxer Shoot can be fitted with 2″ scaffold tube sockets in each corner to allow lights, grip equipment or a custom camera rig to be mounted on the cycle. The handlebars of the Shoot fold flat, for a lower profile and easy transportation.

A short video highlighting the key features is here Boxer Shoot camera dolly trike demo

Dimensions –

Assembled Height: 120cm

Transport Height: 90cm

Width: 85cm

Length: 235cm


This cycle is available for hire – call the Boxer team to enquire about rates.

New cycles can be made to your specification.