sound module RC Ebike
sound module RC Ebike

realistic engine sound simulator


Product Description

Triggered by the throttle, this brings your Ebike experience to a whole new level. This unit can be factory fitted to any of our electric bikes. It is not suitable for retro fitting or fitting to other cycles.

Whether is be an F18 Hornet jet noise for your rocket, a tractor engine for your Shuttle or a Harley Davidson noise for your dog bike, there are a huge range of sounds available and you can even create your own with a bit of skill.

The noise generator serves two purposes

1) Extreme fun for yourself or for your kids

2) It acts as a safety feature, your bicycle is silent and if you can hear it coming then other road users and pedestrians aware of your presence.

Triggered by an auxiliary  ‘twist grip throttle control’ on the handle bars, the sound module ‘starts up’ the engien sound with an iniatial flick of the wrist. Your engine then makes a start up noise which lasts for quite a few seconds in teh case of the jet engines as they spool up.


Once up to speed, it then changes pitch (engine rpm noise) dependant on how much you twist the throttle – so you can rev your Harley Scania truck engine like pressing the gas pedal or hit full thrust on your Rolls Royce Gnome jet.

If the throttle is returned to ‘idle’ the engine will run at idle soudn for twenty seconds and will then stop. In the case of the jet turbines they shut down gradually – whining down to a standstill.


This is very very cool when you park your bike outside a shop or drop the kids off at kindergarten.

Here is a selection of some of the sounds.


Aircraft (piston engine)

  • Pratt & Whitney R2800  radial (twin engine) eg DC3 / C47 / Dakota
  • Bristol Hercules 14 cylinder radial (single engine)
  • Bristol Hercules 14 cylinder radial (twin engine)
  • Rolls Royce Merlin (single) eg Spitfire
  • Allison (P51)
  • Transhall
  • Lancaster Bomber
  • ME 109
  • Yak -3
  • FW190, twin engine
  • Lycoming 540 used in sport airplanes
  • BMW radial x 3 (junkers J52)


Aircraft Jet

  • Aircraft APU (auxiliary power unit)
  • F16
  • Pilatus Porter, Tuboprop



Apache AH64

  • Augusta AW139
  • Bel UH1d
  • Bel UH 1
  • BO 105
  • CH-53
  • EC135
  • JetRanger
  • Sikorsky1, radial engine
  • Airwolf
  • EC145
  • Lama
  • AS350
  • Hughes 500


  • Panther
  • M48
  • Marder Bundeswehr
  • FMC XM 474 Carrier –
  • SdKfz7
  • Piranha / Boxer
  • Luchs
  • SdKfz 222
  • Bradley
  • Elefant WWII
  • Pershing
  • Sherman Firefly
  • Tiger, Bovington Tiger record
  • Gepard NEW
  • Challanger NEW
  • PanzerIII NEW


  • Peterbilt US Truck
  • Skoda 706
  • Tatra 8×8
  • Diesel US Truck
  • CAT 992C
  • CAT 963
  • LKW W50-NVA
  • Dragon Wagon (Tank transporter)
  • Zetros Militärisch
  • Zetros Zivil
  • Mulde T282
  • Unimog 5000
  • Vintage large diesel engine
  • US Truck
  • Maz537, rus. tanktransporter
  • 8 wheel fire fighter truck
  • Vintage diesel engine
  • MB Unimog 30
  • MB Unimog 5000 military
  • MB Unimot 5000 civil
  • Scania V8


  • Dodge WC52
  • V8 5.7l
  • V8 big block
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Drift Car
  • Fomula 1 racecar
  • Jaguar, E-Type
  • Bugatti35
  • Land Rover TD5
  • Tuned V8 Crawler
  • Zodiac GTRXU1 (racecar)
  • Crawler sound, based on airplane engine
  • V8 Crawler engine
  • Audi A6


Feuerlöschboot2 / fire fighting boat


Cummins 6BTA twin engine

  • Sunseeker 2 engine
  • Patrol Boat River (Vietnam)
  • Cummins boat engine
  • Schnellboot (german fast patrol boat)
  • Fire  boat
  • Riva Motorboot


  • John Deer 8410a
  • Tractor JohnDeer 8420
  • Excavator Liebherr 912_2
  • Motorbike Enduro 2 stroke
  • Motorbike Kawa KX250
  • Tractor pulling engine


There are many more sounds available – please ask if you have a special request and we will see what we can do.

Here is a demo of the F16 fitted to the Rocket (forward to 3:00 minutes in video)