Alison, Beaconsfield UK

“We have been riding our Boxer E-Shuttle for just over a year now and have travelled over 400km, it’s fantastic!! We tested lots of other tricycles before settling on the boxer, and are so pleased with the way it handles. We have no issues of tilting or tipping like with some of the more well known makes and the steering is very easy to get used to. The bike is extremely well built and holds the road well and I feel extremely safe riding it with my three children in it. With the addition of some baby shells fitted to the seats we have been riding it since the twins were just 6 months old, it makes doing the nursery run with my eldest so much simpler. We can ride right up to the door, no more faffing getting them all in and out of the car and into pushchairs just for a 100 yards. In fact for the 2 mile journey the total door to door time is actually quicker than the car!

The customer service and quality of our Boxer bike has been great, just what you would expect from a local business where everything is hand finished, and it’s a lovely touch to have been able to have our own personal design printed on the sides. We ride the bike on a mixture of on road and off road and it handles both well, with three kids in it and a few small hills however I can thoroughly recommend the electric assist and the additional lighting board for comfort and safety. We give our bike a 9/10, test it and its peers see for yourself!”

Louise, Poole

“Hi, tthis is THE BEST thing we have bought! We love it and use it practically everyday. I hardly use my car and reckon we save about £75 per month in fuel (as I drive a big 4×4), not to mention the taxis fares we have saved – we take the bike to the pub or out for dinner now!

It has made the school run with Charlie (who has cerebral palsy) so much easier. It enables me to ride right up to the door and for him to walk into school – no need for a wheelchair and no stress to find a parking spot outside school.

I was initially a little nervous about riding on the roads with the kids, but I have found motorists to be really accommodating and I generally feel very safe and confident to ride around.

Cannot speak highly enough of the Boxer!”

Malik, Sherbourne

“Hi all – I am a Londoner recently moved to Sherborne in North Dorset. I must say I could not survive without my ‘Sue-personic’ Boxer. Initially a gift for my wife Sue – but I can’t bring myself to give up the pilot seat.

We nip around town on it – perfect for a leisurely pub crawl. Been as far as Thornford (about 4 miles) and handles the hills no problem. The kids love it – my son is 4 and daughter 2 – we do the school run together and they get very upset if mum wants to drive in the car instead.

Even fun under cover in rain.

Longest expedition so far is Sherborne to Shaftsbury – about 20 miles each way.

Everyone stops to ask me about my Boxer so expecting an eruption of fellow Boxer owners soon!”

Mike and Janine Torry, Poole

“We bought our Boxer in Spring 2013 and were impressed by the speed and efficiency of the service. We found the service to be friendly and personalised, spending time to help set the bike for us and give us a demonstration.

Having test ridden two of the significantly more expensive alternatives, I can genuinely say this is an excellent product for under half the price of the alternatives. Since we have had it we have dropped the use of our second car for the school run most of the time and having the kids in the front rather than behind you means you can chat to them during the journey and also make sure they behave! Consequently I feel it is a lot safer than the rear attaching trailers. We are lucky enough to live near the beach in Poole and now always bike to the beach, with the journey becoming part of the fun rather than a chore to drive there. It is always nice to ride past a lot of cars stuck in a traffic jam on a busy weekend day whilst enjoying the sun and the ride! Really cant recommend this bike enough.”

Guy, Poole

“Some of my happiest times in summer 2013 were cycling my kids to school in the Boxer . It’s a twenty minute journey crawling in traffic by car, or a 35 minute cruise along the waterfront paths and through a forest on the electric bike.

I chuck three kids and their bags on board and cruise, loving hearing them talking so much about their surroundings, the birds, the treasure chests and sunken pirate ships, the colours in the sky and giving me ‘bump’ alerts through the forest as we weave through the trees. It is the highlight of my day, loving our 35 minute stress-free party ride.

I have now bought a stereo for it too so cant wait until next summer’s disco journeys. We bought ours immediately after test driving it and it’s proved to be the ultimate traffic jam beater, the perfect family entertainment and the biggest hit ever with the kids.”

Annette Huggins, Folkestone

“The Boxer is really really terrific!  It has totally changed what I can do with our children – I have injured knees and previously could not do the school run and comfortably get to activities with my younger son.  All that has completely changed – I am able to zip around all over the place.  I can also go right into school, saving lots of time. The trike’s electric motor manages most hills without a problem! It would be very difficult without the motor – in fact I would not be able to use it.  There is room for four children, and when there is only one child, there is enough space for a small buggy for going into shops etc. My boys love it and lots of their friends ask for a go in it.  I get lots of comments from other parents and children at school and in the neighbourhood admiring it!  It is colder than a car in winter, but much cheaper, much healthier and more fun!”

Alexandra, London

“We bought a Boxer as an alternative to a car when our second child arrived, and we haven’t looked back. We bomb around London and Surrey, kitted out with buggies, shopping, kids’ bikes, picnics – you name it! Recently we whizzed the Christmas tree home in our trike, much to my 3 year-old’s delight. My youngest is only 10 months old, and already squeals with excitement when we get her bike helmet out.

We get questions and approving comments everywhere we go, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Thoroughly recommend.”

Ella, Exeter

“I absolutely love my trike.  It has transformed our lives!  We can’t afford a second car, and my husband drives our car to work every day, so my daughter and I had always caught the bus everywhere.  Since we bought the trike we have only caught the bus twice when I was too unwell to cycle.  We go out on it most days and can get anywhere in our city with ease.  We have big hills in Exeter but with the assist and a good pedal we always get up them.  I have never had to get off and push yet.  My daughter particularly loves going down the hills and we both cry “wheeeeeeeeee…!!” as we speed down. Much to delighted points and cries from pedestrians and drivers alike!

I am saving so much money from not catching the bus and it is fun and quick and we can get to exactly where we want to go.  We have discovered lots of new parts of the city and tried out so many more play parks than before because we can just get right there with no trouble at all.  My daughter’s friends always want a ride when we meet them and many of my friends have tried out the trike too.  Hopefully they will soon be riding around on a Boxer cargo trike too!

I have very quickly got fit but without any stress, because it is FUN!  A first for me… We love our trike and can’t imagine life without it.

Below is a photo of just how much our trike has carried.   Thought fun to show you!  This is a few months of glass recycling that would normally fill the boot of the car…”