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Electric bikes are taking over, and there’s no stopping it. 

These environmentally-friendly, eco-conscious methods of transportation are taking countries like Japan and Germany by storm, and for good reason: they’re fantastic, fun and more affordable than a gas guzzler.

That being said, there is a problem when it comes to transportation, which is where folding bikes come in handy. The best folding electric bike is one that remains lightweight, and ultra durable through transit.

We’ve compiled electric folding bike reviews for the top five models on the market, and given you our take on what makes them superior to the competition. 

Everything comes with setbacks and benefits, so let’s discuss every little detail about this excellent investment you’re about to make in a folding electric bike.

Our Reviews Of The Best Folding Electric Bikes


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ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike Review


The best folding electric bike for all-around travel has to be Ancheer’s 7-speed Shimano model. 

This comes with a front fork and LED headlamp for extra visibility during foggy weather or nighttime riding, as well as an adjustable bike seat to keep things nice and comfortable.

Your battery is a powerful 36V lithium-ion piece, which can help with getting uphill and travelling over rocky and dusty terrain. Electric bikes tend to perform best on asphalt and concrete, but Ancheer managed to make this versatile on just about any surface.

There’s an excellent introductory cost, but it has a very limited range of about fifteen miles when you use the full throttle mode. If you’re using the pedal assist, then you’ll be able to double that range time and get thirty miles out of each charge. 

The thing with folding ebikes is that the batteries are generally smaller, so you have less of a charging time. Ancheer’s bike takes between four and six hours to charge on average.

You’ll also be in full compliance with any law in the United States (and most international ones as well) when it comes to speed. This bike doesn’t exceed 15 MPH unless you modify it, giving you the perfect cruising speed to enjoy the ride. 

The durable aluminum alloy frame folds up relatively quickly, though it is a heavy bike, so if you’re planning to check this onto a plane to travel with it, you’re going to run into high costs.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 73” x 58” x 22”
  • Folding Dimensions: 38” x 36” x 22”
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 330 lbs
  • Range: 15 miles full throttle / 30 miles pedal assisted
  • Top Speed: 15 MPH
  • Charging Time: 4-6 hours
  • Wheel Size: 20”


NAKTO 26” Adult Electric Bike


NAKTO Adult Electric Bicycles 26


NAKTO is one of our favorite manufacturers of electric bikes, and it’s for reasons like this. You get five different versions to choose from, each bolstering a linear and aesthetically pleasing design. 

The only part of the design that we could have done without is the weight. You’re looking at 70 lbs (battery in), which isn’t exactly the most convenient.

While it’s heavy, the folding process is super quick and only takes about ten seconds. 95% of this bike is assembled prior to shipping, so you’re basically just assembling the handlebars and connecting the battery, and you’re good to go right out of the box.

Because the frame is so heavy, there’s a 350 lb weight capacity so larger riders can enjoy a leisurely stroll. Your top speed never exceeds 20 MPH, falling in line with all United States ebike regulations and restrictions. 

The six speed Shimano gear changer gives you the option to choose different levels of speed assistance, aiding you for the total range of about 25 MPH. 

If they had made this model more lightweight, you would be able to get a longer distance out of each charge.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 78” x 43”
  • Folding Dimensions: 56” x 10” x 30”
  • Weight: 70 lbs (battery in)
  • Maximum weight: 250 lbs – 350 lbs (depending on model choice)
  • Range: 25 miles
  • Top Speed: 20 MPH
  • Charging Time: 4-6 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 26”


Hurbo 250W Folding Aluminum Electric Bike

Hurbo 250W Folding Aluminum Electric Bike Review


Looking to go the premium route? 

More range, more power, and a standard sized feeling without those tiny wheels. Hurbo’s powerful 250W motor helps pull you along up to 22 MPH, meaning you will need to register this as a motor vehicle. 

You get an LED headlamp that’s wired in, as well as an intuitive screen system that’s easy to master.

The charging time is fairly standard at four to six hours, but Hurbo found a way to push that power as far as they could. Experience a range of up to 43 miles with pedal assistance, riding on the back of an aluminum alloy frame that holds up to 330 lbs of user weight.

Hurbo’s model is designed to be used for commuting, and works wonderfully if you’re travelling for work and don’t want to eat the cost of a bunch of taxis. There’s also a dual braking system to give you additional stopping power. 

While it’s definitely a plus to this electric bike, it will take some getting used to so you don’t go flying forward into the handlebars.

Hurbo’s tires give an astonishingly smooth ride, whether you’re on uneven road or a dirt path. They appear to be a hybrid between street tires and mountain biking tires, and work wonders for the quality of your ride. 

Hurbo is elusive on their warranty information however, making it impossible to find any information on it without contacting the seller and waiting for days to receive an arbitrary answer.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 64” x 25” x 39”
  • Folding Dimensions: 32” x 9” x 39”
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 330 lbs
  • Range: Up to 43 lbs on pedal assist
  • Top Speed: 22 MPH
  • Charging Time: 4-6 hours
  • Wheel Size: 26”


Onway 6 Speed Folding Electric Bike

ONWAY 20 Inch 6 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle Review


Onway really put all their effort into the folding element of their electric bikes. You can fold this up in eight seconds or less, making it ultra versatile for inner city commuting. 

If you have to hop off the bike and carry it through the train check-in, this is going to save you time (and possibly make sure that you aren’t late for work).

It’s a great little bike, but let’s put some emphasis on the word little. It’s compact as can be, but the frame is built very lightweight, only offering a total of 187 lbs of user weight capacity. 

If you’re carrying anything with you, like a backpack or a briefcase, then you’re going to push this bike to its weight limits.

The small size makes it fairly aerodynamic, allowing for a maximum speed of 16 MPH, and an impressive range of 40 miles before you run out of charge. 

The total weight for this is 54 lbs, and looking at it, you would think it was a touch bit lighter. It’s surprising when you actually prop it up and feel how heavy it is.

Speaking of propping it up, if you can replace the kickstand before taking this out for a spin, we recommend that you do so. 

There is very little surface area on the bottom of the kickstand, making it difficult to get traction and keep the bike upright. 

Everything operates super quietly thanks to the brushless motor,  and you can choose from three basic levels of electric assistance to help you on your journey.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 33” x 17” x 26”
  • Folding Dimensions:19” x 9” x 16”
  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 187 lbs
  • Range: 40 miles
  • Top Speed: 16 MPH
  • Charging Time: 4-6 hours
  • Wheel Size: 20”


Ancheer Folding 350W eBike Scooter


ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle-E-Bike-Scooter 350W


This is a fun one that sits somewhere between a mode of transportation and a toy. If you’re looking at electric bikes to get a teenager, this would be the perfect place to start. 

Ancheer made the list with two separate, thrilling electric bicycles. Their ebike scooter combination is limited in capabilities, but also in price. You’re paying about half the cost of many of the other folding electric bikes on this list.

That comes with some trade-offs, such as the small wheel size of 12”, and the limited range of just under 11 miles. 

This is better for short distances (getting to school, a workplace that’s less than three miles away) than it is for travelling. It folds up extremely small, and is super compact at just under 27 lbs.

Despite the super lightweight build, there’s still a 265 lb weight capacity to push to the limits. 

The 350W motor runs on 36V, giving excellent power even with the maximum weight limit being met. You can sustain the maximum speed of 15.5 MPH for an extended period of time before it begins to wane.

With all these restrictions, there is a bright side to the lightweight design. 

The range may be shorter, but the battery charging time averages at under three hours, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough time to charge it for the next day like you might with other models. 

We’ve griped about the kickstands on a few bikes, but this one gets the job done and keeps everything upright when not in use. It’s a sleek little bike that gets the job done without a high upfront cost.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 41” x 38” x 20”
  • Folding Dimensions: 20” x 18” x 20”
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 265 lbs
  • Range: 10.6 miles
  • Top Speed: 15.5 MPH
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Wheel Size: 12”

Benefits Of Electric Bikes

ebikes and their benifits

Electric bikes bring a ton of benefits to the table that traditional cycling just can’t beat. 

If you’re on the fence about getting an electric bike, just think about all of these scenarios and pit electric bikes against your current traditional one.

Faster Commuting

You’re already working as hard as you can, does the commute need to be hard, too? 

You’re trying to get from A to B, and you don’t work to arrive at work sweaty in the morning. 

Whether it’s pedal assistance or full throttle electric assistance, the best folding electric bicycle is there to make your mornings easier and faster.


Using pedal assistance still gets you where you need to go as quickly as possible, but you’ll also be putting in a bit of a workout and getting in exercise that you might not otherwise have time for. 

This can help with weight management your general mood, and productivity when you get to work. We could all use a little bit more exercise, and with a folding electric bike, you’ll be able to get just enough without sweating through your work clothes.

Anti-Theft(Folding Bikes)

This is exclusive to folding bikes, but it certainly is one of the best things about them. 

Folding bikes are designed to just pack up and go with you wherever you go, so you can bring them into your home, into work, and never have to fumble around with bike locks. 

Bike locks are okay, but with a few tools, they can be broken right through. Nobody’s going to be on the lookout for a missing bicycle, so just ignore all that mess by bringing it with you and avoiding that problem altogether.

Saving Money On Fuel

How much did you spend this week alone when you were filling up that gas guzzler in the driveway? 

For commuting, electric bikes are phenomenally cheap, even if the upfront cost is a bit daunting. Americans spend an average of about $160.00 per month on gasoline, even for decent sedans that get good MPG. 

Between maintenance costs and the price of charging them, you’ll be saving at least a thousand dollars per year. It costs an average of $0.20 to charge your electric bike from empty to full. You can afford that, can’t you?

Environmental Awareness

There is a slight impact on the environment by producing lithium-ion batteries and forging the aluminum, but this electric bike can last you for decades to come (with a few minor part replacements here and there). 

Compare that to junking two cars in that time, burning through five figures of gasoline, and adding to the issues that we’re all already combatting. 

It’s a mode of transportation that feels good on your conscience, as well as your wallet. There’s nothing wrong with benefitting from both of those aspects.

Battery Regeneration

Many pedal assist bicycles have one feature where braking will create an electrical charge, and actually charge your battery. 

Benching on the last topic, that’s creating energy from nothing but kinetic energy. 

There are also some bicycles that have a pedal regeneration feature where pedaling (without electric assist) can help you to regenerate your battery as well.

Electric Folding Bikes FAQ

folded and unfolded ebike

Do Small Wheels Make Riding on Folding Bikes Slower?

The best folding ebike actually feels like you’re gliding on pavement, just like a standard sized electric bike would. 

You have to think that the pedals (if your folding bike has pedals) are smaller than the pedals on, say, an electric mountain bike, but so are the wheels. 

It feels easier to pedal these smaller wheels, and even though it might feel like you’re not going as fast or you are putting in more effort, that’s not the case. It just feels different from every other bicycle you used throughout your life.

Is It More Difficult to Ride Small-Wheeled Folding Bikes Than Full-Size Bicycles?

Smaller-wheeled bikes are more difficult to ride in certain scenarios. 

For cruising on flat land, you won’t notice a difference, but when it comes to hills you’re going to be in for a treat. 

These stubby little bicycles (or fat bike, as they’re commonly called) are comfortable to ride, but don’t do you any favors when you’re trying to built momentum to get uphill. 

Because the wheels are smaller, you’re putting in more pedaling power with less of a result to get uphill, and eventually you will feel the bike stall a bit.

How Well Can Folding Bikes Cope With up Hills?

Not as well as traditional electric bikes. 

There is a great deal of stress that these smaller bikes go through while trying to push uphill, and it largely depends on the user weight and the weight of the items they are holding. 

You’ll see plenty of weight ranges all over these reviews, ranging from the 190 mark to about 330 lbs. That means the bike won’t break, but it doesn’t promise efficiency up to those weights.

Uphill travel is tricky: gravity is against you, and if you stall and keep pushing on the throttle, you can damage the motor (most notable by a smell of burning plastic or rubber). 

If you have a pedal assist bike, it’s recommended to turn the motor off if the hill is too steep and either maneuver the hill by yourself, or keep the assist to a minimum. If you start to smell anything irregular, turn off the motor and hop off the bike.

For extreme hills (if you were visiting a city like San Francisco), it might be better to rent an ebike from a local kiosk or shop for the time being, or if you have specific travel destinations in mind. 

Uphill travel puts stress on the system. Your battery will likely be okay, but the motor is one of the biggest expenses associated with electric bike maintenance. You don’t want to burn that thing out.

Are Folding Bicycles Suitable for Long-Distance Rides?

Portable electric bikes lack the necessary power to be viable for rapid, long distance travelling. 

They are more better suited to visiting areas around your destination on a trip, whereas a traditional electric bike is going to be better for cruising around and seeing the sights

As we talked about earlier, there’s a little bit of drag with folding bikes due to their smaller wheel size. 

They can still achieve excellent speeds, but with less kinetic energy generated from the wheels moving, you’re using more battery and getting less distance.

But these are also considered lightweight electric bikes, and the lighter build decreases drag at the same time, so you kind of fall into a paradox. Smaller wheels increase drag, smaller frame reduces drag. 

These bikes still feature excellent strength batteries and motors that you can find in standard electric bikes, it’s just about the size. 

You can still get great mileage out of these, but it is better to plan on travelling short distances on your folding bike just to be safe.

Folding Bike Mastery

Doesn’t a fold up electric bike sound exactly like what’s missing in your life? 

Traditional cycling and even bulkier electric bikes are great, but you’re a nomad, a traveller, and you need something that’s going to be right by your side while you traverse the world. 

Mastering your folding bike is going to be one wild ride, so it’s time to make your choice and hop on that adjustable seat. Next stop: anywhere you want.

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