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When you are riding an electric bike, it is a bit different than being on a manual bicycle. A manual option can go as far as you want it to, granted that you have enough energy and strength to get wherever you want to go. But you don’t have to worry about your battery running out of juice on your way home. 

This is something that you might find that does happen with an electric bike if you don’t know what the range of your model is. When talking about range, this will vary from bike to bike, but it can be an important factor when making a purchase. So, let’s take a closer look at the ranges of an electric bike. 

Average Range of An Electric Bike 

20-35 miles per charge.

Like any product, there are high-end and low-end electric bikes. Usually one of the big differences is that cheap bikes have cheap, small batteries. That means they don’t usually go very far…perhaps 15-25 miles.

Higher-end eBikes usually have larger, more robust batteries, which is the difference between a short trip and a long trip. There are models that can go 75, 100, 120, or even 245 miles on a single charge. (The last one is a world record, set by Delfast Bikes).

On average, a standard mid-level bike will last anywhere between 20 to 35 miles. However, this is for standard options that come with decent batteries and cells. If your bike is on the lower or higher end of the spectrum it will be different. 

Low-End Options

15-20 miles per charge.

If you are going to look for a cheap model that will work for small rides around the block with your family, then low – end bikes will work fine for you. These will be between 15 and 20 miles in most cases. If you stay at a steady medium speed for much of your ride, you will likely be able to get to the higher end of this range of mileage. 

This will work for small trips, and allow you do not need to charge them often still. However, if you intend on going on longer rides, then you will need to think about upgrading your electric bike to allow for that. Paying for broken parts or upgrading materials, later on, can offset the initial low price of the bike.

High-End Options

40-200+ miles per charge.

The high end of the spectrum of eBikes means that you are getting the best of the best. From premium batteries to the most long-lasting materials to keep your bike intact, you will have a top-notch choice in every way. 

This also means that you will be paying a premium price for all the hard work and research that went into designing and creating these bikes. But, with premium options lasting anywhere from 40 to 100+ miles on a single charge, you are getting a lot for your money. There are even some that take the cake with over 200 miles on a single charge, as mentioned above. 

Just remember, the cost for these is on the higher side, which means that some people will need to take some time to save up for one. So, take your time and look at all your options while you are saving.

How Do You Calculate Range Based on Battery Size and Motor Size?

If the manufacturer isn’t up front about distance per charge, or if you’re buying used, you might want to figure out the calculation for yourself.

First of all, you’re going to want the Watt hours (Wh) of the battery, which you get by multiplying volts (V) by amp-hours (Ah). These are usually pretty easy to find on a battery or manufacturer website.

For example, our top ranked eBike, the Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S has a 52V / 19.2 Ah battery.

52 V * 19.2 Ah = 998.4 Wh

A rough estimate is that you’ll get one mile per 20 Wh.

So 998.4 WH / 20 = 49.92 miles.

That’s a VERY rough calculation, and will change based on weather and road conditions, rider weight, tire inflation, whether you’re drawing the max amount of power from the battery the whole time, etc.

Usually you’ll get a number that shows you the farthest distance the battery would take the bike using a full-assist…meaning if you pedal or don’t use assist mode for awhile, it’ll get you much further.


The range of an electric bike will allow you to know how many miles you can go with only the need for one charge. This will let you get to and from your destination without having to worry about charging when you get there.

Whether you want to purchase an electric bike that comes with a very high range so you don’t have to worry about charging, or you opt for a low range option to save money, you can use the formulas above to figure out how many miles you can go. 

And, if you feel like getting a mid – level option that comes with an average range, then you might not have to do the math. 

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