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The electric mountain bike scene is blowing up at the moment.

I spend a lot of time in the Italian Alps, and there are countless numbers of specialized electric mtb hire companies emerging. These types of bikes are now a common sight on the steep roads and trails around the area.

Some die-hard biking enthusiasts may sneer and regard an e-mtb as a cheat, but they can be advantageous for new cyclists and pros alike. 

Best Electric Mountain Bike Comparison

  • Handles the challenging descents with ease
  • Has an extremely powerful battery
  • Comfortable and stable when riding at extra high speed
  • Handles the challenging descents with ease
  • Has an extremely powerful battery
  • Comfortable and stable when riding at extra high speed
  • Comfortable ride, even on rough trails
  • Another good all-round bike, perfect for intermediate or expert riders
  • Speedy charging capabilities
  • Comfortable ride, even on rough trails
  • Another good all-round bike, perfect for intermediate or expert riders
  • Speedy charging capabilities
  • Versatile bike suitable for use on a variety of terrains
  • The bike offers excellent stability and traction and is fantastic at handling ascents
  • You know you are getting a reliable product from reputable brand Trek
  • Versatile bike suitable for use on a variety of terrains
  • The bike offers excellent stability and traction and is fantastic at handling ascents
  • You know you are getting a reliable product from reputable brand Trek
  • Slightly lower price point than the Trek or Bulls models
  • A good choice as a step up from a very basic beginner e-mtb
  • Features the new e-mtb mode for smooth, automatically adjusted power assist
  • Slightly lower price point than the Trek or Bulls models
  • A good choice as a step up from a very basic beginner e-mtb
  • Features the new e-mtb mode for smooth, automatically adjusted power assist
  • One of the most affordable models on the market
  • Well-suited to absolute beginners
  • For the price the power is surprising
  • One of the most affordable models on the market
  • Well-suited to absolute beginners
  • For the price the power is surprising

They are perfect for adrenalin junkies that love to challenge themselves on extreme downhill trails.

It gives you the chance to practice more of the challenging descents as you can make it back up much more quickly and with less effort.

If your fitness levels need a boost, but you are struggling for motivation, having a helping hand on the tough climbs can encourage you to get out there! 

Or maybe you want to combine the trails with your daily commute. An electric assist mountain bike will help you get to your work faster, and possibly even sweat-free, for the start of your day in the office!

They are not a lighter version of a motorbike, though. You can get a further acceleration boost from the motor when you pedal or throttle, and then, once you reach a top speed (usually 20mph), the motor cuts out.

Because of their high technical specifications, these bikes don’t come cheap and you can expect to pay considerably more for a quality e-mtb than a normal mountain bike.

The growth in demand for these types of bikes means manufacturers are upping their game, and there is a stiff competition amongst some big brand names. This, combined with all the complicated technical specifications, can make it tough to know what to choose, especially if you are new to the world of e-mountain bikes.

If you are looking for guidance on some of the best electric mountain bikes on the market right now, we will give you some practical, easy-to-understand advice. 

What to Look For in an Electric Mountain Bike

Most electric mountain bikes have a 250w motor.

A higher power output than this means, if you are using it on the road, it would be required to be taxed and insured, like a motorbike. You would not be allowed to take it on most mountain trails.

There are different styles of electric mountain bikes, depending on what you are using them for.

Some have full front and rear suspension, and this means if you are negotiating a lot of rough terrain, you will get maximum comfort.

Some have just front suspension, often referred to as Hard-Tail e-mtbs, and this can take the pressure of the upper body and result in more efficient steering capacity.

Rigid electric mtbs can be a lot lighter, but they don’t have the comfort of the full suspension and are not the best choice for harsh trails.

There are also three different classes of e-bikes, depending on their power and speed capabilities.

The regulations and laws relating to the use of these classes vary from State to State. You should check the rules in your area in advance of deciding to use the higher classes of bikes.

Class 1 relates to bikes that only activate the electric motor through the pedal assist function.

In Europe, the top speed is limited to 15mph, and the motor will be 250w or less. In America, the top speed is 20mph, and the motor can be up to 750w.

Class 2 relates to bikes that also have a throttle action to control the speed, so pedal assist is optional.

This is not so common in Europe as some countries do not allow these bikes to be used on trails or cycle paths. Where it is permitted, again, the top speed is 15mph.

In America, this Class of bike is more common and can be used up to speeds of 20mph. The motor powers are the same as Class 1.

Class 3, which is referred to as Speed Pedelec, is rarely used in Europe except by real trail riding enthusiasts.

This type of e-bike requires a special license and can only be used on private or designated roads or trails. 

In America, providing they do not go over 20mph, unless by pedal power alone, they are generally acceptable for use on public roads and trails.

If they go above this speed using the throttle or pedal assist then, again, they would need to be used only on private roads or those specifically designated as appropriate. No license would be required though and these bikes can go up to 28mph.

For more detailed information on the different state regulations, visit the people for bikes website.

Reviews of the Best Electric Mountain Bikes

When picking our top five electric-assist bikes, we looked at some key criteria. Some of these included:

  • Value for money – E-mtbs can vary significantly in their pricing. We look at bikes across a number of budgets and want to make sure that they are offering the best value for their price bracket
  • Motor efficiency – If the motor was not powerful, smooth and efficient, it wouldn’t make it onto our list
  • Battery efficiency – How does the battery perform in terms of longevity and output? How far can you go on one charge?
  • The controls – We looked at how intuitive each bike’s controls are.
  • Overall performance – How do the bikes cope on the ascents and descents? How do they handle, what is their suspension like?
  • Reputation – How does the brand stack up against its competitors. Are they known for producing robust, high performing bikes? 

#1. Bulls E-Stream EVO 45

Bulls E-Stream EVO 45 AM Electric Bicycle

The Bulls range of electric mountain bicycles are not as well known as some of the other high spec electric mountain bike manufacturers out there, but, since their inception in 2010, they have become associated with quality and innovation. 

If you are a serious adrenaline junkie that regularly puts their mountain bike through its paces, especially on challenging descents, then this could be a shrewd investment.

This is only a bike for those looking for the ultimate challenge on specialist trails, though. This is a Class 3 Speed Pedelec so it won’t be legal on all bike trails or roads where the maximum speed is 20mph. It can go up to speeds of 28 mph on the powerful 350w motor.

It is also a full-suspension e-bike which is rare in Class 3 options. It is designed to offer maximum comfort and stability while careening down bumpy trails at high speeds. The wide, high-quality tires also generate excellent traction too.

The bike looks great, as the motor and battery are integrated into the sleek frame. 

It is available in four frame sizes, so you are guaranteed to find a comfortable fit (41 cm to 54 cm). The hydraulic brake system is also top of the range, offering super smooth high-speed stopping.

This bike has 22-speed options, and with a super-powerful battery and motor, it means that it is designed to handle the hills with ease.

Depending on the conditions, if you are not doing so many hills, you can get up to 118 miles out of one battery charge.

It also has thick 2.8 inch wide Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires which provide great traction.

It doesn’t have a throttle mode, so it is not suited to those who want the easiest of time, but it is not designed for lazy riders anyway!

The motor is known for being one of the quieter ones on the market. 

The LCD control panel has an integrated USB charging port which is handy for charging up your phone, Garmin or other tech as required.

The bike weighs more than some other e-mtbs in a similar price bracket, although this can be attributed to the bigger battery capacity. What you are sacrificing in weight, you gain in power and ability to go the distance.


Type of BikeFull Suspension
Motor350 watt Brose TF mid-drive
Max Speed28 mph
Max Distance118 miles, depending on conditions
BrakesMagura MT5E hydraulic disc brakes
Battery Size650 Wh (watt-hours)
Charging TimeApprox 4.5 hours to full capacity
Weight25 kg (or about 55 lbs)
Size4 frame sizes available – 41/44/49/54 cm

What We Loved

If you are looking for great power, good handling and long battery life, this may be your baby.

The bike is designed for extreme trail bike riders that want to tackle ascents as quickly as possible to get back onto the most challenging descents.

If you just want the best of the best, choose the Bulls.

Why it Might Not Work For You

This is not the lightest bike. If you are having to carry it up flights of stairs or lift it over obstacles regularly, it is perhaps not the best choice.

It is also really only for the specialist downhill trail enthusiast. You will be limited as to where you can use it, and it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. 

Overall Verdict

Perfect for those speed demons that are pushing themselves to the extreme.

For those looking for an e-mtb that can be used on most trails or roads, this is not likely the best bike for you given its Class 3 status.

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#2. BH Easy Motion Yamaha Rebel Lynx

bh easy motion yamaha rebel lynx electric mountain bike

Like the Trek Powerfly below, this bike from BH Bikes (also known as Easy Motion in the States), is synonymous with quality and versatility. 

This Class 1 Bike would be a good all-round choice for an intermediate or serious downhill trail rider.

This full-suspension model is designed to offer as smooth a ride as possible on bumpy terrain. The system is designed by Fox, a leader in mountain bike suspension, so you know it is going to be top notch.

The powerful and efficient Yamaha motor means that it copes well with accelerating up steep inclines with ease. The motor is slightly noisier than some of the other models reviewed here, so not ideal if you are looking to take in some scenic routes for their tranquillity!

The battery charges up quickly, but it doesn’t hold onto that charge as the likes of the Bull or the Trek models we have reviewed.

The bike features high-quality Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires, offering excellent traction when needed, and these can be swapped out for a wider wheel size too. It also has high quality Shimano SLX hydraulic disc brakes offering great control and stopping power.

The LCD screen is one of the most interactive of all those that have been reviewed.

It is compact, durable and has a lot of different features. These can be tailored to what you like to use most often too.

It is a small screen though and this means it can be difficult to navigate, especially because it is one with so many features on offer. You will need to take some time to familiarize yourself with all it can offer.

This doesn’t have the e-mtb mode and the motor fades out when you stop pedaling, rather than stopping straight away. This can impact on speed and control slightly.

This brand is also well known for their excellent warranty. The bike has a five year one (with 2 years on the battery pack).


Type of BikeFull Suspension
MotorYamaha PW-X 250W
Max Speed20 mph
Max Distance65 miles
BrakesShimano SLX Hydraulic disc
Battery Size500 wh (watt-hours)
Charging Time80% capacity in 2 hours
Weight23.58kg (or about 52 lbs)
Size2 sizes (44 and 48 cm)

What We Loved

This bike offers a smooth ride with it’s quality full-suspension and, as far as e-mtbs go, it is on the lighter end of the scale which is a bonus.

It feels really good and is super easy to work with thanks to its quick charge time and reasonable distance.

Why it Might Not Work For You

The motor is noisier than some of the other high spec models we have featured. It also doesn’t go the distance that the likes of the Trek does in terms of battery power.

Smooth shifting can take a bit of practice to prevent grinding the gears.

Overall Verdict

Retailing between $3500 and $5000 depending on the time of year, it is a good bike, with lots of quality features – making it perfect for an intermediate rider looking to test out the high quality e-mtb market.

As an all-round choice for a serious mountain biker, it doesn’t offer quite as much power, features or stability compared to some of the more expensive or well known options.

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#3. Trek Powerfly FS 5

trek powerfly fs 5

Trek have a long-established history as producers of high-quality mountain bikes.

They were relative latecomers to the world of e-mtbs, with their first electric bikes being introduced in 2016. Since then, they have quickly become known for being responsive with their R & D and are producing some of the best electric bikes on the mountain biking scene. 

You will also be supporting a business that has become an avid advocate for responsible e-bikes usage and they work with bikers, landowners and the People for Bikes initiatives to educate and strategize.

The Trek Powerfly comes in a variety of models, but the Full Suspension 5 is a versatile and ergonomic all-rounder, with a light aluminium frame, which is exceptionally stable and smooth.

It doesn’t have the massive motor power or battery longevity that the Bulls E-Stream EVO 45 AM has, but it still has powerful performance, is especially strong on the tough ascents, and can be ridden on all surfaces and terrains without restriction. 

The new model also has an ‘e-mtb mode’, developed by Bosch, which means that the bike feels super smooth regardless of the changes in power settings. No more jerky surges in power.

It also has some other nifty little features, like the Suspension Calculator, which allows you to tweak your suspension settings to best match your weight.

It is a bike that looks super sleek and the battery is integrated into the frame so that, at first glance, it is hard to tell that this is an electric mountain bike. 

Not everyone raves about the brakes on this model. They are good quality – it is a Trek bike after all – but on fast descents, they can overshoot ever so slightly.

This bike is also available in a specific womens model which has a different saddle shape, shorter width handlebars and a shorter overall height, so it is a great option for the female thrill seekers.

This is a Class 1 model so it does not have a power throttle, only pedal assist – you are still going to have to put in some effort to get up those hills. It also only has a 10 speed gear set, which is less than some of the other models reviewed. Don’t let this put you off though, it still offers a smooth and powerful ride. 


Type of BikeAvailable in Hard-Tail, Full Suspension and Long Travel Models (this model is FS)
Motor250w Bosch Performance CX
Max Speed20 mph
Max Distance170 km in eco-mode
BrakesShimano MT200 hydraulic disc
Battery Size500 wh (watt-hours)
Charging Time4.5 hours
Weight22.91kg (or about 50.5 lbs)
Size4 sizes – 15.5/17.5/19.5/21.5 inches

What We Loved

This bike is a perfect choice for the serious biking enthusiast looking for something that will perform equally well in the city, as a commuter, or on gnarly pro biking trails.

Why it Might Not Work For You

There is not much to complain about with the Trek ranges. They are not for those on a limited budget though, with this model coming in at closer to $5,000.

The brakes are one thing that crops up consistently for not being as strong as some of the other features.

Overall Verdict

If you are looking for a reputable bike with universal appeal, this could be a great choice.

It handles well, has fantastic staying power and works as a great all-round bike for commuting and tough trails alike. 

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#4. Raleigh Kodiak iE

If you bought a basic model electric mountain bike (like the Ancheer, reviewed below) and you loved it, you may have caught the off-road trail bug. That means it is likely you are going to need to upgrade to something with more power, stability, suspension and speed.

Rather than upgrading to a high spec pro model like the Bulls or the Trek – that would likely suit a mountain biking expert – you could opt for the Raleigh Kodiak IE. It is a great choice for a beginner rider who wants to up their game.

Coming in at under $4,500, it is still not a snip budget-wise. It is less than the Bulls and the Trek models we reviewed, though, and it could be a worthwhile investment now that you know you will get the use out of it.

The brakes and the tires on the bike are high quality, and it still has good power ability and a durable battery. It also features full suspension for comfort on the more challenging trails you may be braving.

It also has the new e-mtb mode for automatic speed adjustment and this can make for a nice smooth ride without having to adjust any settings as the terrain changes.

The thick Nobby Nic tires provide good control and traction and the Magura hydraulic disc brake are pretty responsive.

The Raleigh Kodiak IE has a narrower than average set of handlebars. This can make the bike feel less stable on steep and bumpy descents, and it is not designed to withstand the rigours of the most extreme technical rides.

Unlike the other three high spec bikes we have reviewed, the Kodiak also doesn’t have such an advanced Suspension Fork, using the RockShox Reba. It will do the job for most intermediate riders but on seriously tough trails, it may not withstand the beating as well.


Type of BikeFull Suspension
Motor250w Bosch Performance CX
Max Speed20 mph
Max Distance65 miles
BrakesMagura Fifty4, hydraulic disc
Battery SizeBosch Powerpack 500Wh
Charging Time4.5 hours
Weight23.58kg (or about 52 lbs)
Size2 sizes – Medium and Large

What We Loved

It is a slightly lower price point than some of the other big-brand models we have reviewed.

This means it is more affordable but still suitable for more serious intermediate riders.

Why it Might Not Work For You

It doesn’t look as slick as the likes of the Bulls, Trek or BH Easy Motion models as the battery is not built into the frame.

Also, the build is not geared up for the most technical of challenges.

Overall Verdict

If you can’t push the boat out on the budget, but you are looking to take a step up from one of the most basic models, this could be the bike for you.

It can’t handle the roughest of terrain in the way the Bulls or the Trek model can, but it is still up for a challenge on some tough descents.

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#5. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER 2019 Pro Electric Mountain Bike

If you are not a seasoned biker, and you think a pedal-assist mountain bike would motivate you, this could be the choice for you. It is perfect if you are on a very tight budget too.

Buying a high specification bike if you have never done much cycling before, may not be the best investment of your hard-earned cash. This is especially true if you don’t plan to do any seriously challenging off-roading.

The Ancheer Electric Bike is widely regarded as one of the best low budget electric mountain bikes around.

You don’t have to worry about not looking the part. Just because it is a budget model, the bike still looks pretty professional. The battery pack is not built into the aluminium frame, but it is a tidy model in a sleek black paint finish.

Because it is only available in one size, it would not be a good choice for those of you with a taller stature.

Unlike some of the other bikes we have reviewed, this one only comes with a one-year limited parts warranty, including the battery and the motor. 

If you are not doing a serious ascent, you could expect around 10 miles of battery life of full-throttle mode and, perhaps, 20 miles, on pedal assist. It has a 21-speed transmission system and 3-speed levels for pedal assist mode.

If you are using it for a long commute, bear in mind that it takes about 5 – 6 hours for the battery to be fully recharged.

For a simple commute and very basic off-roading, the suspension on the bike would be adequate. It is not designed to handle any seriously tough trails and, if this is what you want the bike for, you would be better investing in a sturdier model. It is also not the fastest, with a top speed of 15mph before the motor switches off and you have to rely on pedal power alone. 

The wheels are of good hybrid quality, but do not expect professional mountain bike standard.

The rear motor pedal assist means that there can be a delay in the engaging and disengaging of the pedal-assist mode when you stop and start pedaling. 

The bike comes part assembled and can be finished without the help of a professional in around half an hour if you already know a bit about bikes.

Because the brakes may need to be adjusted, if you are unsure, you could take it to your local bike shop for some assistance.

The seat, handlebars, pedals and front wheel all need to be attached.

Do take the time to check over all the pre-assembled parts to make sure that they are fitted correctly. Some owners commented on there being issues with their bikes pre-assembly being incorrect on arrival.

The control panel is basic, no fancy LCD screen or app link up on this budget model. The saddle is not the comfiest, and the handling is not what you would call sophisticated.

Given the budget, you wouldn’t be expecting a hydraulic brake system. The mechanical disc brakes that are fitted should do the job unless you are doing some challenging off-roading. Which this bike would not be suited to in any case.


Type of BikeHardtail
Motor250w geared rear hub motor
Max Speed15 mph
Max Distance30 miles
BrakesDual Disc Brakes
Battery Size36V 8 Ah Lithium battery 317Wh (watt-hours)
Charging Time4 – 6 hours
Weight23 kg (or about 51 lbs)
SizeFull length: 64.4 inches
Handlebars length: 26.7 inches
Seat Height: 32.6-38 inches

What We Loved

This mountain e-bike gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

It is considerably cheaper than some of the more prominent named brands, but you still have a powerful motor and a relatively long-lasting battery.

Why it Might Not Work For You

It is a basic model, and it is not designed for aggressive trail runs and does not have sophisticated features or handling capabilities.

It also takes a long time to charge the battery. It is not suited to people over 6ft either.

Overall Verdict

It would be difficult to get anything better for the price you are paying. For a no-frills model, that can allow you to do a simple daily commute or some basic off-roading, this bike could be just the ticket. 

If you are looking to do regular off-roading or are a serious biking enthusiast, you really would need to select a higher specification model.

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