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Most electric bikes are designed to last for five years or more, but it is important to take precautionary measures to ensure the bike’s longevity and prevent it from being stolen. To keep an electric bike safe, we recommend locking up your bike whenever it is left unattended, storing your bike in a dry and indoor environment, and preventing early wear and tear through maintenance checkups. 

If you do these three things, your electric bike will last longer and has less of a chance of being stolen. Read on to find out more about how to keep your electric bike safe. 

Locking Up Your Electric Bike

One of the best ways to keep an electric bike safe is by locking it up whenever you leave it unattended. Two factors go into locking up your electric bike: finding a secure location and choosing a dependable lock. 

Finding A Secure Location 

Finding a secure location for your electric bike is imperative for locking it up correctly. Secure locations can include bike parking facilities or functional bike racks.

If you are leaving your bike unattended for more than four hours, it is recommended to find a secure location indoors. Garages, sheds, and secure bike parking facilities are the best options for locking up your bike for long periods of time. 

It is important to lock up your electric bike indoors if you are leaving it unattended over night. Nighttime is a great time for thieves to locate, break into, and steal electric bikes. So, be sure to bring your electric bike indoors during the nighttime. 

If you are leaving your bike unattended for less than four hours, you can lock up your bike outdoors. One of the easiest places to lock up your bike is on an outdoor rack. Before leaving your bike on the rack, make sure that the bike rack has not been tampered with and that the lock is in place. 

Choosing A Lock Or Two 

In addition to finding a secure location for your electric bike, you also need to have a secure and functional lock. Better yet, purchase and use two locks so that thieves are discouraged from targeting your electric bikes. Bikes with more than one lock are less likely to be stolen since they will require more work to steal. 

You should invest in a high security lock for your bike. Although high security locks may seem expensive, they will cost less than a stolen electric bike. We recommend an ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 lock, as well as other ABUS products like u-locks or cable locks as the second lock. 

Whenever you are using a lock for your electric bike, also consider easily stolen parts like wheels. To prevent wheels from being stolen, wrap one of the locks through the wheels as well as the frame. This is especially important for preventing hub motors from being stolen. 

Storing Your Electric Bike 

When you store an electric bike, it will be left unattended for long periods of time. To keep your bike safe and functional, find a secure and dry environment, consider removing the battery, and take pictures of the bike and its serial number. 

Find A Secure And Dry Environment 

It is important to find a secure and dry environment for storing your electric bike. You do not want thieves to steal your bike or the elements to damage it. So, find a location that will keep the bike away from wandering eyes and pesky water or rain. 

Garages, sheds, and secure parking facilities are the best options for storing an electric bike. These locations will keep your bike safe from onlookers and weather. 

Even when your electric bike is stored out of sight, you should still lock it up by using one or two locks. This will ensure that your bike remains in the location even in the case of a break-in. 

Consider Removing The Battery 

When you store your electric bike, it is always a good idea to remove the battery.  The reason for this is that battery packs are expensive to replace. If your electric bike is stolen but you have the battery pack, you will be able to save a few extra dollars when buying a new electric bike.

Additionally, thieves may try to break into the battery pack by picking its lock. Even if the thief is unsuccessful at stealing the battery, picking its lock can damage the battery, making it useless. Removing the battery completely will alleviate this problem. 

So, we recommend removing the battery while you are storing your electric bike. Doing so will keep the most expensive part of the bike safe from theft and damage. 

Record Serial Numbers and Register Bike 

In the case that your bike is stolen, it is important to know the serial number and have it registered with a bike theft app. Before leaving your bike unattended, take pictures of its serial number and body. The serial number is basically the bike’s ID, which will allow police officers and you to identify a recovered bike. 

Additionally, register for a bike theft app. These apps will allow you to notify other bicyclists and police officers that your bike has been stolen. The app will also provide a description and pictures of the bike so that your community can be on the lookout. 

Preventing Early Wear And Tear 

Another way that your bike can become ruined is through general wear and tear. It is important to prevent early wear and tear by taking precautionary maintenance measures. We recommend focusing on the battery, tires, brakes, and chain when preventing early wear and tear. 

Maximize Battery Range 

It is important to maximize the battery range of your electric bike for the battery to last longer. To maximize battery range, top off the battery charge, use eco mode when possible, and avoid high wind resistance when your bike is running low on juice. 

Pay Attention To Tires 

Because of the motor, electric bikes are heavier than traditional bikes. As a result, it is important to have sturdy and well kept tires to support the weight of the bike. Make sure to keep tires inflated properly, know how to fix a flat, and get replacement tires that are specifically made for electric bikes. 

Look Out For The Brakes 

Since electric bikes are heavy, it is important to have brakes that are able to stop the machine. Regularly check and adjust the brakes before each ride. Replace brake pads and rotors promptly whenever you detect an issue. 

Take Care Of The Chain

The chain of an electric bike gets a high level of wear and tear. Because of this, it is important to service the chain regularly by making sure to clean and lubricate it. Check, repair, and replace the chain when needed as well. 


Electric bikes can cost a pretty penny, which makes keeping your bike safe a high priority for electric bike owners. We recommend locking your bike with two high security locks, storing your bike in a secure location, and taking preventative measures on general wear and tear. Doing these three things will maximize the safety and functionality of your electric bike.

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