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With new lines of bikes out on the market today, you can easily see that more electric bikes have come out in recent years. Though there are some cheaper models available, many people feel like it would be better for them, and their wallets, to be able to transform their manual bike into an electric bike.

So, is this possible with all manual bikes, and what do you need to get it done? Well, first, you can transform your manual bike into an eBike with a conversion kit. This will connect the motor to your existing bike so you can have a more leisurely ride. 

What Do You Need to Do to Convert Your Bike? 

If you want to convert your current bike into an electric bike, then you will need to purchase a conversion kit to get the job done. This will consist of all the different things you’ll need for the transformation. 

These conversion kits include the motor, wiring looms, a throttle, motor cut – off levers, and an LCD display that comes with a handlebar remote controller. Once you have your conversion kit with you, then you can get started.

The Conversion 

Step 1:

First, you want to start by removing the bottom bracket, cranks, and pedals. This is done because, with a new motor, they will no longer be needed. You want to start with the pedals for removal since they would be difficult to get off once the crank is loosened.

Step 2: 

Next, you will need to place the chainring on the bike and secure it. Typically, five bolts are needed for this part, which comes in the conversion kit. Screw these into the chainguard and onto the bike.

Step 3: 

Then, you will want to fit the motor onto the bike by sliding it onto the lower bracket. You will want to test out the placement before attaching anything to ensure that it will fit properly. Once you know your placement, use the mounting plate and the lockring to get it secured onto the bike. 

Step 4: 

Then, you will attach the speed sensor next. This will be placed and secured on the chainstay while the magnet is secured onto a spoke of the rear bike wheel. 

Step 5: 

After that, you will need to put the battery onto the bike. This will be placed onto the fixing plate, which is where the down tube. This is where the battery will be locked in using the key that comes with your kit. 

Step 6: 

Finally, you should test your system to ensure that the display is working. After you see that it is on and running, you will want to double – check all of the secured bits and ensure that they are tightly screwed in. If you would like to add some extra security, you can also put some electrical tape around the wires to make them last longer. 

How Much Do Conversion Kits Cost? 

Now that you know how you would go about doing the job with a conversion kit, you need to know how much they cost. This will allow you to get the one that works best for what you want, and lets you stick to your budget. 

The typical range for a conversion kit is between $300 to $900. This is the basic range, which doesn’t necessarily count the few top options for much more, or the cheapest options that are below that range since they are not typical options for customers. 

However, the range discussed is an average amount for decent conversion kits that are worth the price. They do vary greatly, but this is due to the motor, and what you intend to use your bike for. 

Some conversion kits will come with the ability to enhance control when on difficult terrain, which is ideal for those who ride in rough areas where you have a higher chance of falling. Others focus on speed, which is better for those who like to push their speed on long stretches.

So, deciding on what option you would like doesn’t just come down to the price of the conversion kit, but also what you will use it for.


If you are thinking about converting your manual bicycle into an electric bike, then getting a conversion kit for the job makes the transition much smoother. With the instructions that we laid out for you, you can start the process and be done much sooner than you previously thought. 

Getting the right kind of conversion kit and one that is within your budget is just as important though. With the range that allows you to find an option that won’t break the bank, you have to search for exactly what you need.

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