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When you’re buying an eBike, you will find different motor wattages ranging from 250W to 750W. Though finding an eBike that fits your budget is important, it is even more important to find an eBike that will support your intended uses.  

For many people, 250Ws is not enough power for their eBike usage. For others though, 250Ws is more than enough. To find out if 250Ws is enough for you, read on. 

Is 250W Enough?

In short, a 250W motor is normally not enough power for the average eBike rider. The reason for this is that 250W is simply not enough power for hilly or difficult terrain. With that being said, there are instances when 250W is enough for an eBike.  

To know if 250W is enough for you, you have to consider what kind of riding you plan to do on your eBike. Do you plan to ride on asphalt, streets, or off-road? What is the elevation you want to ride on? Will you ride on flat surfaces or hilly terrain? The answers to these questions will determine the ideal motor size for you. 

When 250Ws Is Enough

If you prefer an easy ride on asphalt or the street, a 250W motor will suit your needs. There are tons of affordable, low-end 250W eBike options that are sure to fulfill your needs without breaking your budget. 

For example, the SwagCylce EB-5 Pro Folding eBike is a great 250W eBike option. It is perfect for city commuters who need a little extra umph to get to work in the mornings and have no plans of riding on hilly terrains. 

When a 250W Motor Is NOT Enough

If you want an electric bike to ride on mountainous or difficult terrain, a 250W motor will not be powerful enough for your needs. The reason for this is that a 250W motor will not supply an efficient amount of power. It is recommended to get another motor size if you want an electric bike suitable for these extreme or off-road experiences. 

Pros of a 250W Motor

Here are benefits of having a 250W motor: 

  • Lightweight: These small motors are extremely lightweight, which will make the bike easier to control, ride, and move around. 
  • Sleek Look: Since the motors are small, they have a sleek look that is attractive on nearly any model. 
  • Easy Fit: The small size also makes 250W motors fit easily on front or rear hubs. 
  • Longer Battery Charge: The lightweight design allows the bike to have a longer battery charge. 
  • Affordable: The 250W motor is the most affordable motor for electric bikes. If you’re on a budget, you should definitely consider a bike with a 250W motor. 

Cons of a 250W Motor

Here are the cons of an electric bike with a 250W motor: 

  • Not Powerful: A 250W motor is the least powerful motor for an electric bike. As a result, it is not powerful enough for many terrains. 
  • Not Suitable For Many Terrains: Since a 250W motor is not very powerful, it is not suitable for many terrains such as hilly, mountainous, or off-road terrains. You will need to buy an additional motor if you plan to bike on any of these more difficult terrains.  

Other Motor Sizes

There are three other common motor power sizes for eBikes: 350W, 500W, and 750W. 

  • 350 Watts: 350W is perfect for riders who need minimal on-demand power systems. 
  • 500 Watts: 500W is ideal for most eBike purposes. It provides powerful throttle control and power on demand systems. 
  • 750 Watts: 750W provides a lot of power, but it is heavy and expensive. Most riders prefer 500W. 

Pros of Larger Motors

Here are the pros of having a larger motor: 

  • More Power: As the wattage of a motor increases, the power of the motor increases as well. As a result, eBikes with larger motors have more power, which will require you to use less of your muscles. 
  • Multi-Use: eBikes with larger motors can also be used in different scenarios. They can work on flat surfaces as well as hilly surfaces, allowing them to be great for multi-use purposes. 

Cons of a Larger Motor

Though larger motors come with two big benefits, they also come with two main drawbacks. Here are the cons of a larger motor: 

  • Heavy: eBikes With larger motors are much heavier then those with smaller motors. As a result, the eBike can feel clunky or be difficult to move around. 
  • Expensive: Larger motors are more expensive.


Overall, eBikes normally need more than 250W of power, but there are some instances when this size of motor is ideal. Most notably, people who plan to ride their eBike on asphalt streets will find a 250W motor ideal. In contrast, this motor size is simply not enough for rigorous terrain and activities.

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