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The location of your eBike motor matters because it affects the bike’s riding experience, safety, and ease of service. If you do not consider the motor placement of your eBike, you may get an eBike that is not suitable or safe for your needs. To find out which motor placement is best for you, read on.

Front Wheel Vs. Rear Wheel Comparison

NameMotor LocationProsConsIdeal ForNot Ideal For
Front Wheel eBikeFront wheelSimple
Low Maintenance
Easy to Service
Allows Any Gearing on the Back Wheel
Reduced Traction
Everyday riders (city or road riders)Off-roaders
Rear Wheel eBikeRear wheelLightweight
Conceal Motor Gears
Lower Noise Levels
Pedaling Gear Restrictions
Spokes Break Regularly
Difficult to Service
Off-roaders People who prioritize ease of maintenance

Front Wheel Motors 

On eBikes with front wheel motors, the motor is the hub on the front wheel. In other words, the power of the eBike is supplied to the front wheel. 

When You Should Choose a Front Wheel eBike 

You should buy a front wheel eBike if you are an everyday rider who plans to use the EBike around the city and on rail trails occasionally. The simplicity and easy maintenance makes front wheel eBikes ideal for street and city uses. 

In contrast, people who plan to use their eBike on mountainous or extreme terrain will not benefit from a front wheel eBike. These riders may feel uneasy and unsafe when using a front wheel device on these sorts of terrain. 


Here are the pros of a front wheel eBike: 

  • Simple: The front wheel eBike is the simplest construction design, making it easy to service, move around, and use. 
  • Low Maintenance: The front wheel positioning allows for the strain to remain between the front and back wheels, making the bike lower maintenance. 
  • Easier to Service: Because of the front wheel positioning, the bike is easier to service and keep in alignment. 
  • Allows Any Gearing Type on the Back Wheel: Since the motor is on the front wheel, there is nothing to limit gear types on the back wheel. 


Here are the cons of a front wheel eBike: 

  • Heavier: Front wheel eBikes are heavier, making them more difficult to lift or move around. 
  • Reduced Traction: On steep tracts with loose surfaces, the eBike will have less traction, making it dangerous. 

Rear Wheel 

On eBikes with rear wheel motors, the motor will be placed on the rear wheel. So, the eBike is powered from the rear wheel, not the front wheel. 

When You Should Choose a Rear Wheel eBike 

Overall, a front wheel eBike and rear wheel eBike are not very different. Just like the front wheel eBike, a rear wheel eBike is suitable for city settings. 

In addition to city settings though, rear wheel eBikes are suitable for off-road experiences as well. The reason that a rear wheel eBike will be suitable for on-road and off-road experiences alike is that the motor placement allows the bike to be more maneuverable and have better traction on loose ground. 

In contrast, rear wheel eBikes are not suitable for people who prioritize ease of service. The motor location of rear wheel eBikes makes servicing the bike more difficult. So, rear wheel eBikes are not recommended for people who want an easy-to-service bike. 


Here are the pros of a rear wheel eBike: 

  • Lightweight: Since the motor weight is at the back of the bike, eBikes with rear wheel motors will be easier to lift onto curbs and move around. 
  • Maneuverable: The lack of weight on the front wheel makes rear wheel eBikes easier to maneuver. 
  • Conceal Motor Gears: Rear wheel eBikes are more aesthetically appealing because you can conceal the motor among the gears and bags. 
  • Lower Noise Levels: Since the motor is concealed amongst other eBike parts, the vibrations distribute throughout, making the eBike quieter. 


Here are the cons of a rear wheel eBike: 

  • Pedaling Gear Restrictions: Because the motor is on the back, certain pedals and gears will not fit on the eBike. 
  • Spokes Break Regularly: Rear wheel eBike spokes break frequently because the spokes are more directly located under stress – like your body weight and motor.
  • More Difficult to Maintain: Since the motor is hidden amongst the other bike parts, rear wheel eBikes can be more difficult to service. 


Both front wheel eBikes and rear wheel eBikes are great options for most eBike riding purposes, but it is important to get a bike with a motor placement that maximizes the safety and user experience of the bike. 

With that in mind, everyday riders and riders who prioritize ease-of- service are recommended to get a front wheel eBike, whereas off-road riders are recommended to get a rear wheel eBike.

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