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Purchasing an electric scooter is a great way to make your long rides easier on your body. With a motor that will help get you further than you would be able to go without it, these are helpful in difficult terrain and extra-long trips. However, what happens if the weather is bad and you have to ride your electric scooter in the rain? 

Whether you are riding to the store or just riding around your neighborhood, you don’t want to be caught off – guard when a problem arises. Knowing if you can ride in certain weather conditions will help you stay safe, and it will help you keep your electric scooter working for a long time. 

Are They Waterproof?

Well, going by the technical definition of being waterproof, this would mean that you could put the electric scooter directly in water without it getting ruined. However, when it comes to electrical systems and devices, the term simply means that it won’t stop working if you spill a bit of water on it.

So, electric scooters are not waterproof in the dictionary meaning, they are water – resistant and can last in light rain. A little bit of water will not hurt your scooter. Riding it in the rain will likely do very little if anything to your scooter. However, since it is not completely waterproof, this doesn’t mean that it will last through being submerged underwater.

Anything You Need to Look Out For?

If you choose to ride your electric scooter in the light rainfall, you will likely have no problems whatsoever. This does not mean that you should ride as you always do. Since the rain could cause puddles to form, you want to watch out for deeper puddles that could splash up at your scooter.

Even in light rain, puddles can get pretty deep. So, steer away from areas with lots of puddles if you can. And, if you have to go across an area of land where there are many puddles, opt for carrying your scooter across the way. This could save your electric scooter from being damaged.

Can You Waterproof Them if They’re Not?

Though scooters aren’t completely waterproof, many of them have certain water – resistant features that help them in inclement weather. If your scooter manual says not to use it in the rain, then what can you do? 

Well, the issue is the water, so keeping all of the electric components out of reach of the water will help you out. You can use nonconductive tapes or liquid tapes to cover the connectors as much as possible. You will also want to ensure that your battery is safe by purchasing a battery bag. This should be sprayed with a waterproofing solution before going outside.

Any Water Riding Gear You Should Consider? 

Getting caught in an unexpected rainstorm is unfortunate, but this is often not the case. With a quick look at the weather, you will know that you need to be prepared for the rain. So, what should you wear while you ride? 

Rain Gear 

This are all typical things that you likely have, so don’t fret about purchasing a whole new outfit. You will want to have a jacket and gloves that can withstand the rain. Windbreakers or waterproofed jackets will work, and most riding gloves will do the job. However, you might want to spray them with a waterproofing solution too, just to be safe.

Protecting your face and head is the second thing you should think about. You don’t want your visibility to be compromised, so having a transparent faceguard or helmet will do nicely. Also, if you don’t have a full – face helmet on, then getting one that is separate from the faceguard should be considered.

Quick Tips on Rain Safety

When riding an electric scooter in the rain, there are adjustments that you need to make. You can’t go full speed when there are puddles you could fall in. So, follow these safety tips to protect yourself. 

Slow Down 

Just like when you are in a car or on a bike, you can’t go as fast and expect to have a smooth ride. The water adds more safety issues, and you need to slow down to ensure that you don’t slip and fall on the road. 

Avoid Puddles 

One of the main issues with even light rain is that puddles can form. You can’t always tell how deep they are, which could mean that your wheel could be caught in the hole and you are thrown off your scooter. So, avoid puddles altogether. 


When it is raining, some added dangers are not usually an issue when riding on an electric scooter. However, with different weather conditions, it might not be as safe to ride at all. So, follow these tips to keep yourself safe, but also know when it might be time to get off the road and wait it out.

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