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Electric mountain bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for off-road riding. But e-bikes are more than that.

Whether you’re ripping down the mountain, using it as a sunset beach cruiser, or just trying to avoid the irritation of traffic during your daily commute, an electric fat tire bike might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The only problem is that with the growing interest in e-bikes there are a lot of options available and it isn’t always black and white when it comes to dissecting the different functions of all those choices.

We’re here to help with that.

Best Fat Tire eBike Quick-Find Table

  • Big time torque with Bafang Ultra BBSHD 52V electric motor
  • Dual individual front fork suspension systems
  • Big time towing capabilities (300lbs)
  • Big time torque with Bafang Ultra BBSHD 52V electric motor
  • Dual individual front fork suspension systems
  • Big time towing capabilities (300lbs)
  • Bafang ultra mid-drive motor available at 750W/1000W
  • Integrated sensor system helping to account for tough terrain and best in class torque (160N m)
  • Quiet motor for back country purposes
  • Bafang ultra mid-drive motor available at 750W/1000W
  • Integrated sensor system helping to account for tough terrain and best in class torque (160N m)
  • Quiet motor for back country purposes
  • Choose between ultra mid-drive motors (750W/1000W)
  • Fire-link four bar linkage full suspension
  • 4.8" fat tires for tackling tough terrain
  • Choose between ultra mid-drive motors (750W/1000W)
  • Fire-link four bar linkage full suspension
  • 4.8" fat tires for tackling tough terrain
  • 48V 500W DC motor
  • Shimano tourney 27-speed gearing and shifting components
  • Adjustable DNM rear shocks
  • 48V 500W DC motor
  • Shimano tourney 27-speed gearing and shifting components
  • Adjustable DNM rear shocks
  • Big time 1000W rear hub motor
  • Incredible durability (up to 350lbs)
  • Addshox aluminum 100 Travel suspension fork with lockout
  • Big time 1000W rear hub motor
  • Incredible durability (up to 350lbs)
  • Addshox aluminum 100 Travel suspension fork with lockout
  • Amazing value
  • Great features for a low price
  • Decent motor and battery combo
  • Amazing value
  • Great features for a low price
  • Decent motor and battery combo

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t go the grocery store without a list (or you might end up with 6 boxes of eggos instead of the broccoli and chicken that you were supposed to bring home). So you probably wouldn’t purchase an electric bike without making sure you have a good grasp on what it is you’re looking for.

It can be easy to over-look the functionality of a fat tire bike and assume that its just a bike for experienced mountain bikers.

However, fat tire electric mountain bikes give recreational riders a whole new level of control and adventure. There is a whole world of diverse models with strengths and weaknesses designed specifically for whatever it is you might be searching for. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding for years or if you’re just looking to break into it.

Now if you didn’t already notice in your own preliminary research, fat tire e-bikes can be an expensive investment – especially in comparison with a traditional bicycle.

We’ve tried our best to sift through the options and pick out a handful of bikes that won’t break the bank and some that have significant price tags. Either way, we’ve chosen bikes that will leave you dreaming about your riding experience.

In light of all of this, we have put together a list of the top 6 best fat tire ebikes for off-road riding.

It is important for our readers to understand how we made the distinctions between bikes and what influenced us to recommend these fat bikes, what makes them great bikes, and why we think that their the best e-bikes available on a limited budget. 

Marco Verch Flickr fat tire ebike parked
Image: Marco Velch, Flickr

How To Choose Your Fat Tire Electric Bike

The first and foremost important factor that one should consider is what the fat bike is going to be used for.

Depending on your planned usage of the e-bike your top choice might be different than someone else’s, right? That’s not to say that there aren’t bikes that can be used for multiple scenarios – but we’ll get to that.

The basic thing is to understand what you might want to use your bike for. Someone looking for a good hunting/back country bike is not going to focus on the same things as someone who wants an awesome downhill fat tire electric mountain bike

Secondly, and based on your decision above, you’ll start to break down the bike’s components and compare things such as:

  • the e-bike’s motor,
  • range,
  • weight,
  • portability, and
  • size

…among other aspects.

If you’re planning on ditching your car for a fat tire electric bike to commute to work with and your journey is pretty mundane (i.e. you’re not trekking through a mountain biking park on your way to the office) you’ll probably be more concerned with the e-bike’s range, weight and portability.

But if you’re planning on pushing boundaries and using your bike for sport, you might want to double check things like the motor, power and specific components of the electric bikes.

While options are abundant for both categories, we’ll focus on electric fat bikes that can handle the mountain and other tough terrain.

Finally, because we all can’t come up with google or create the Iphone, money is indeed a limitation. Thus it’s useful to consider what your top dollar is and what your priorities are within that budget.

There are fat tire e-bikes for everyone, from the experienced mountain bike rider to the commuter to the all-around cycling newbie.

The community of electric bike users is only getting bigger, in fact the market as a whole is expected to grow considerably in the coming half-decade as environmentally savvy folks kick fossil fuels to the curb in favor of electric options like the commuter e-bike. But the off-road category will inevitably keep growing simply by being so closely related to the commuter bikes.

Reviews of the Best Fat Tire eBikes

After close consideration we’ve taken 6 bikes, some with heart warming price tags and basic utility, others with a higher price tag but high quality.

We’ve sliced them open to give you a better idea of what they’re all about.

After reading through the choices you’ll have a stronger idea of each electric fat bike’s strengths, weaknesses, specs, our opinion and finally our opinion on whether the bike is really worth it or not.

So, without further ado, here’s our choices for the best fat tire electric bikes.

The Rungu Juggernaut MDV is in a category of its own when it comes to comparisons. That is what happens when the design of your fat tire e-bike has not one but two front forks with individual suspension and lock-out for better control in flat terrain. 

That’s right. That means there are 2 front wheels.

The design of the Rubicon Trail Edition includes an integrated handlebar steering system that allows for seamless control of the two front wheels. 

But what makes this bike special isn’t just the number of wheels or front suspension systems it has. Because it has the Bafang BBSHD 52V hubmotor it produces torque incomparable to any other electric mountain bike at 236N m. Meaning this bad boy pushes the limits and can handle immensely tough domain.

Its price is a bit steep, though not horrible, but there is absolutely nothing else like it on the market. 


Power/Motor780W Bafang BBSHD Ultra mid-drive motor (52V)
Torque236N m
Max Distance34mi (55km) depending on throttle mode
BrakesTektro Dorado 4-Piston Hydraulic disc brakes
BatteryDual 780W removable batteries
SuspensionDual individual front fork air suspension systems
ExtrasRungu APF tire liners for heavy rock riding, Rungu rack that can carry up to 170lbs

What We Noticed About This Bike

Well, it’s a beautiful piece of equipment. That’s the first thing we noticed. Then we looked a little closer and we saw the sophisticated design, countless patented engineering components, and the eye-boggling torque provided by the Bafang Ultra mid-drive 52V motor.

Not to mention, for how brute this thing is, it is a super quick charger (full charge in roughly 3 hours).

We’ve looked at a lot of electric bikes.

We’ve considered a lot of different comparable components and designs but the cool thing about this bike is that there isn’t really anything to compare it to.

With three fat tires, it can handle more difficult terrain than any of the previous options and with the added 236N m of torque, you’re bound to find yourself exploring territory you never thought you would on a fat tire e-bike.

We think that is the beauty of the Rungu Juggernaut Rubion Trail Edition. It is so unique and so powerful that it actually gives the rider more confidence (and safety) to attempt riding tougher areas. 

Every aspect of this bike was carefully designed to math its price point and give the rider the utmost control and peace of mind while riding it. For example, the electronic clutch all but ensures that the chain won’t break and the Tektro Dorado e-break gives the bike immense stopping ability even in downhill scenarios.

It is just a thing of beauty.

Rungu Electric Juggernaut fat tire ebike back


Well if you couldn’t tell already, we love this thing. It is such a unique electric mountain bike and it has so much to offer the rider.

You probably don’t need it if you’re planning on commuting with your e-bike, even if it requires sand or snow riding. But if you’re taking it up to the mountain, on rocky trails or through big time snowfall this bike will have you riding like the king of fat tire e-bikes. For a surprisingly mid-range price tag, you can’t beat it.

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#2. BakCou Mule

bakcou mule side view ebike

Starting at $4,398 this bike is an ideal choice for riders that plan on hunting or doing some long-term backcountry riding. It has a Bafang ultra mid-drive motor and the companies prides itself on the fact that the motor runs with minimal sound – adding to its usefulness as a good option for hunters. 

It has a 120mm air suspension system in the front fork along with an integrated torque sensor in the motor which helps the rider control the bike even during patches of extra rough terrain. With a left thumb throttle and a decent range at about 40mi (65km) but it varies with how much pedal assist is used during the ride. 

The one downfall about this model is that it does not have a full suspension system which one would assume useful in back country settings. Despite that this bike has a unique sensor system. As explained by Bakcou, “[t]hese highly sensitive sensors record data on crank torque, vehicle speed, and pedal rotation speed ensuring precise control of the bike while achieving the highest possible efficiency”. Thus maybe we can overlook the lack of rear suspension. 


Frame Size19″
Power/MotorBafang ultra mid-drive motor (750W or 1000W)
Max Distance40mi (~65km) depending on pedal assist
ShifterShimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed
BrakesTektro Dual Piston Hydraulic
BatteryExtended Distance 48v 14.5ah, 17.4ah, or 21ah lithium-ion
Suspension120mm AIR Fork (front suspension)
ExtrasBafang LCD display, sport saddle and shock absorbing suspension seat post

What We Noticed About This Bike

This ride is built for exactly what the name suggests – back country riding. Despite not having a full suspension system, it does have decent front suspension and shock absorption on the seat post which helps with a bumpy road.

The bike is built for ridged land with its high-grade aluminum alloy 6061 frame. It is advertised as a hunting/off-road bike, and for good reason. The Bafang Ultra motor is top quality and it has best in class torque at 160N m which means it has a big-time punch. 

After creeping up to almost the $6000 mark with the Ridgerunner (our #3 pick) – this fat tire e-bike is a mid $4000 bike, but still gives just as much in terms of performance.

With front and side rear derailleur guards and a built-in iron rack over the rear wheel, one could conceivably travel with a bit of baggage during a backcountry trip. In addition, there is a hookup for a Bakcou trailer which would, of course, lower the efficiency and speed of the bike but potentially give more ability for long term travel. 

With a few special features like the torque sensors and the walk assist function (which helps to traverse uncertain terrain while walking your bike) the Bakcou Mule is deservedly one of the best fat tire electric mountain bikes on the market, specifically for longer rides.

It doesn’t have some of the same pizzazz as a few of the other options on this list but for hunting this bike is the number one option. 

bakcou mule side electric fat tire bike


Planning on riding trails, mountain bike paths, or doing some sand/snow riding for fun? You don’t really need this bike.

But if you’re planning on multi-day back country rides or using your bike to find the perfect spot for hunting – this is a no-brainer.

At just over $4000, this bike has incredible technical features like the torque sensors that monitor how much your pedaling. Got your elk tag this year and looking for a good way to get out there? Here’s your ride.

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#3. Quietkat Ridgerunner

quietkat ridgerunner ebike fat tire

There’s nothing quiet about this Quietkat electric fat bike. We’re jumping up to a new level from the bottom three listings. Both in price and in functionality. But with the rise in price comes a significant rise in the quality of the bike itself.

Quietkat is a big name in the electric mountain bike scene and the 2019 Ridgerunner is a big time mountain bike with an Ultra mid-drive motor, comprehensive full suspension system and impressive max speeds. 


Weight30kg ~ 65lbs
Frame Size17″ or 19″
Power/MotorUltra mid-drive motor (750W or 1000W)
Top Speed20mph (32km/h) – 28mph (45km/h) (depending on throttle mode)
Max distance (throttle mode)25mi (40km)-50mi (80km) (depending on throttle mode)
ShifterWide-range 9-speed
Brakes4-piston hydraulic disc brakes
Battery48V 16Ah Panasonic battery
SuspensionRST Air suspension & rockshox (rear)
ExtrasLCD display

What We Noticed About This Bike

First things first, the price is a big jump from the previous selections on this list (nearly $6000). That can be a bit of a daunting thing to go from sub-$3000 to almost $6000, however, this bike is worth the price.

It is a beast and has impressive high speeds, good distance on a single charge and a smooth suspension system. The distance on a single charge when assist mode is on is pretty impressive at 50mi. That is a good day of trail riding. 

The cool thing about this bike is that not only is it a great choice for challenging trail riding but it is also one of the very best for other off-road journeys such as riding in the snow, sand, or gravel.

The model allows the consumer to choose between a 750W/1000W electric motor which will slightly differ on their top speeds but both options are completely capable of dealing with rugged contour along your biking route. 

Beyond the price tag, there is no reason why not to get this fat tire bike.

It is Quietkat’s best fat tire e-bike option and one of the best on the market right now for its versatile use as a heavy duty off-road option but also usable for leisurely riding purposes. 

quietkat ridge runner fat tire electric bike on a trail


Remember that change jar you’ve been keeping for years now? Go check how much is in there because this bike has a big price tag for an electric mountain bike that doesn’t have some new and innovative technology.

That being said, purchasing this model will leave you completely satisfied with your choice. It’s a trustworthy manufacturer, a tough yet diverse bike, and a seamless design made for easy use. 

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#4. Emojo Cougar

This bike is a big change of pace from the bike below for one major reason – the brand is well known among fat tire electric bike users and the Cougar model is arguably its most effective electric mountain bike to date.

With a 27-speed shifting and gearing system and a full-suspension frame with a rear pivot linkage system, this bike is built to handle a variety of trail and off-road scenarios.

At full throttle it can reach up to 25 mph. Considering that it can carry up to 330lbs, that is a pretty productive electric motor. 


Weight27kg ~ 59lbs
Power500W (electric power)
Top Speed25 mph
Max distance (throttle mode)30 miles
ShifterShimano Tourney (27 gears)
Standard Charge Time4-6 hours
BrakesTektro-hydraulic disc brakes
Battery48V-10.4Ah Lithium Ion battery
ExtrasAluminum full suspension frame, twist throttle & Suntour front suspension

What We Noticed About This Bike

If the Cyrusher XF660 (below) is like seeing Kiss without pyrotechnics, then the Emojo Cougar is Kiss with some pyrotechnics and a discounted ticket. 

At just $2,199 this is the second cheapest option on this list.

It is sort of like the better looking and more successful cousin of the Cyrusher. And in some ways a better bike than the Addmotor because of its full suspension system. 

With a little less power but a lot more trustworthy engineering, the Emojo Cougar electric bike hits basically the same standards that the Cyrusher does but with more ease & style. So it doesn’t have adjustable handlebars… but it makes up for it with its seamless and powerful drivetrain, sleek design, and fully encompassing suspension system.  

It could be argued that this bike doesn’t belong on this list – it doesn’t have any one particular aspect that makes it stand out. But what it does have is clean, strong engineering, high-end design, high-quality components, and a value-based price.

For those who are already experienced riders but don’t have a lot of preference when it comes to their electric mountain bike this bike is a fantastic option. The cost will leave you with a bit of money to take the bike out for a weekend trip but the build of the e-bike itself will leave you as a happy camper… or rider.

emojo cougar fat tire ebike display


At $2,199 you’d be hard pressed to find a better off-road e-bike. This bike has all the bits and pieces that make for a successful riding experience.

That being said, it is an older bike compared to the rest on this list and for some that might be a deterrent.

So if you’re interested in riding with the latest and greatest gadgets and design this bike isn’t for you. If instead you’re looking for a simple and polished e-bike, don’t hesitate with this one. 

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#5. Addmotor Motan M5500

The first thing you’ll notice about this bike is the rad paint job akin to the World War II fighter jets, “The Flying Tigers”. Tearing down a trail is already pretty awesome on its own but it is even better when you’re bike looks like this one. Paint work aside, this bike has a lot to offer and still doesn’t leave you panhandling for lunch money. 

A big 1000W brushless hubmotor with a Panasonic 48V Lithium-ion battery along with an extra sturdy aluminum frame that can handle big weight give this e-bike a big bite. In addition, the design has incorporated front and rear fenders along with a built-in iron rack for extra cargo. 


Weight35kg ~ 77lbs
Power1000W rear hub motor
Max distance (using pedal assist)Almost 90km
ShifterShimano 7-speed SL-TX50
Standard charge time5-6 hours
BrakesTektro hydraulic disc brakes
Battery48V Panasonic Lithium battery
TiresKenda 4″
ExtrasBig LCD display with riding statistics, integrated wiring and sealed battery pack

What We Noticed About This Bike

Let’s be honest. The flying tiger design is an eye catcher and a definite selling point. But beyond the aesthetics this electric fat tire bike packs a big punch.

The biggest thing worth noting is that it can go almost 90km (~55mi) on a single charge when using the first pedal assist level. That is pretty impressive.

This bike, despite not having a full suspension system, is well equipped for moderate mountain trails, off-road scenarios, and regular urban riding. 

Basically, if you want a bike that can handle moderate extremes but can also be comfortable used as a commuter this is the bike for you. Riding in the sand, snow or over small rocky trails shouldn’t be a problem for this electric bike.

However, do keep in mind that this bike does not have rear suspension so riding in very bumpy scenarios could prove a bit difficult. 

All in all though, this bike has a solid battery life, quality components, and a decent front fork suspension system. 

addmotor motan m5500 fat tire ebike


If you’re an urban rider but you want one bike that can handle both commuting and some off-road riding and you’re also looking for some style this bike is definitely worth the under-$3000 price tag it carries.

It is a strong build with no real discernible downsides. That being said, as noted above, the lack of rear suspension and heavy build might limit some of the off-road scenarios this bike would excel in. 

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#6. Juiced RipCurrent

If you’re looking for one hell of a fat tire ebike under $2000, you can’t go wrong with the Juiced RipCurrent.

It’s basically a trimmed down version of their super popular RipCurrent S, so you’re getting a ton of fantastic engineering and perks, at a much lower price.

The biggest differences from the S are that the motor on this one is 750 W versus 1000 W, so it has a significantly reduced range comparatively.

That being said, it still has sensors, a quality motor/battery, front suspension, a bright headlight, and more, for a very low price.


Weight70 lb with battery
Tires26″ x 4” Wide Kenda Tires
Power750 W Bafang
Top Speed28 mph
Max Distance20-45+ miles
Shifter9 Speed Shimano Cassette
Charge Time5-7 hours
Brakes180mm hydraulic disc brakes
Battery52V battery, 13Ah capacity
ExtrasLED headlight, torque and cadence sensors


Great 750W/52V drive system, quality manufacturer, lower “trim” version of a popular model, headlight, sensors…at a sub-$2000 price.

For real?


We’re big fans of Juiced Bikes, and this one is fantastic.

If you’d like the larger motor and higher max distance, opt for the slightly more expensive RipCurrent S.

The bikes are very similar, but you’ll get just a bit more with the S.

Either way, if you’re looking for your first fat tire eBike, and you want something with at least front suspension, this is a great choice.

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Phew, that was a lot of information. But the point is that fat tire e-bikes have a versatile function. They can be used in heavy duty off-road riding or they can be used as reliable transportation in questionable terrain and weather like sand or snowstorms. 

No matter what you’re looking for out of your bike, these are the best choices available… in our opinion.

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