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Are you already a confident skateboarder and have a board that you really like, but you are ready for a new challenge?

Do you have a skateboard that you bought ages ago and it has sat around unused because you can’t get motivated to get out and push?

Maybe you just want to be able to go further and faster for commuting or fun?

If any of these scenarios fit the bill for you, it could be worth considering converting your existing model into your own electric skateboard.

A good electric skateboard is not cheap.

Along with a well-designed deck, it also needs to have a powerful motor, an efficient battery and an effective wireless remote that allows you to control the speed and braking.

If you have a high-quality existing board, and enjoy tinkering with some electrics, installing a DIY electric skateboard kit could be cheaper than buying a new high-quality electric skateboard.

If you are not technically minded, and you don’t want to do the extra research, it would be better to check our reviews for inspiration.  

If your board has seen better days, or you had been thinking about an upgrade anyway, there is no point going to the expense of installing it.

Best Electric Skateboard Kits Comparison

  • Powerful
  • Rainproof
  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Rainproof
  • Compact
  • Partial kit with great power
  • Works well for off-road riding
  • Partial kit with great power
  • Works well for off-road riding

How To Pick The Type of Electric Skateboard Kit That Works for Your Board

Consider the Style of Board You Have

Fitting the components used in an electric skateboard kit is easier and more functional if you have a longboard. 

While they will still work on a traditional short, kicktail style board, the electric drive train in certain kits will be a squeeze on shorter mini boards.

Make sure you always check the component measurements to make sure that they will be suitable for the style and size of the board you have.

Consider the Components Within Each Kit

Some kits have everything you need as part of the package. Others come with only certain electric skateboard parts.

If you already have pieces of kit that you can crib from, this can save you some money.

Also, if you have particular requirements from each element, it allows you to produce a more bespoke arrangement.  But most of the time it is better to buy a complete kit. 

If you are going for a full kit, consider what is important to you.

Perhaps, when you first got into e-skateboarding you were an absolute beginner, and you bought a model that wasn’t too intimidatingly powerful.

Maybe you now want to upgrade to a more powerful motor, or a more efficient battery to give you a longer riding time on a single charge?

If you already have wheels that you adore, if they can accommodate the motor, you may not be so bothered about what wheels come with the kit.

Don’t forget to take into account the motor and battery size in the full kit too. You don’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t give you enough power. 

But, equally, if you are not interested in super-fast speeds, there will be no need to pay the premium you would expect for this sort of requirement.

If you live somewhere hilly, you will likely want something more powerful to help carry you up the hills.  It is also the same if you plan to take your board across rougher terrain.

This will also be true if you are a heavier rider. More power will give you better acceleration in all these scenarios.

Check out how heavy the major components are too. If they are exceptionally heavy, you may find that negatively impacts the performance of your board.

Of course, the more powerful the battery and the motor is, the more heavy it will naturally be. But weights can vary greatly across the brands, even if they have similar watt power amounts.

Some kits will have more responsive braking, and others might have a more compact and versatile remote. Some of the more expensive, premium e-skateboard kits have compatible apps.

You need to work out what aspects are important to you before making a decision.

Be Aware of the Potential for Less Comprehensive After Sales Support

With most electric skateboards you get a certain timeframe to return it if the product is faulty and they will often come with comprehensive warranties.

You need to be aware that once you start tinkering with the components in a kit, you may not have as much recourse for a refund or replacement if you discover a problem. 

Once you start tinkering around with the parts, it often means the warranty is no longer valid.

Reviews of the Best Electric Skateboard/Longboard Kits

We have selected two comprehensive electric skateboard kits to review, and we have also provided some links to individual components for your consideration.

maxfind m5 electric skateboard kit


Hub Motor Rated PowerHigh Torque Dual 750 Watts *2
Hub Motor Max PowerHigh Torque Dual 1500 Watts *2
Battery158.4 (4.4) / 216 (6.0 30Q) Wh Samsung Lithium Ion with custom BMS
Charging Time2 hours
Max Speed26 mph
Max Range15-21 miles (depending on battery selected)
Kit Weight14 lbs

What We Loved

If you are looking for a powerful, reliable kit, then the Maxfind option is your best choice. The brand’s skateboards are known for being robust and dependable, and it blows the competition out of the water.

This has two 750w rated hub motors, so you know you are going to get decent acceleration and speed capabilities.

It can hit a top speed of 26mph, plenty fast enough, even for the most extreme riders out there. It also handles hills well (up to 30% grade), so no worries about a sluggish performance if you live in a hilly city like San Francisco.

The kit is compact enough that it might work on some shorter boards, although it is ideally suited to creating an electric longboard.

If you do have a shorter board, be sure to take careful measurements in advance of ordering, to avoid encountering any difficulties with it fitting on the deck base.

The remote is not too big, and it has three speed modes, perfect if you are just getting used to riding with an electric motor.

The regenerative braking is responsive enough to give you confidence even when riding at high speeds.

The kit casing is water-resistant. While it won’t cope with being submerged in water, you don’t need to worry about road splash doing any damage to the electrics.

Why it Might Not Work For You

The wheels that come with the kit are not designed for off-road use. This would work best for those that have a deck they use for road riding.

The standard kit we are reviewing has a maximum range capacity of 15 miles, though getting the bigger battery boosts it to 21 or more. It’s obviously not comparable to an eBike with double or more the distance, so if you have a long commute it might not work for you.

Obviously getting the larger battery means you’ll pay more.

While you do get a lot for your money, this kit is pretty pricey. If your existing board is old, or you are not going to enjoy converting it, then it could be a large and risky investment.

Overall Verdict

If you are looking for power and speed, the Maxfind Electric Skateboard Kit is a worthwhile investment.  Just be sure though, as it is not a cheap outlay with this brand.

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#2. L-Faster Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

L-faster Electric Skateboard Truck Off Road Skateboard Belt Drive Truck 4 Wheel Longboard Mountains Skateboard


Motor Size1650 watt single motor
BatteryNot included
Max Speed25 mph
Max Rangen/a

What We Loved

If you want to take your board off-road, then this kit from L-Faster could be worth considering.

Be aware, though, that it is not a complete kit. There is no battery provided, and this would have to be bought separately.

The 1650 watt motor is incredibly powerful, and this means that it will handle rougher terrain like grass, hard-packed sand, and gravel with ease.

It also comes with wide, grippy pneumatic tires. This means that it will help to provide a more comfortable riding experience by absorbing some of the shocks from the bumps of rougher terrain.

Why it Might Not Work For You

If your deck is not robust and designed to handle the rougher treatment it will receive from off-roading, it would not be a worthwhile investment.

Longboards designed for sweeping carving with a lot of flex in the skateboard decks may not be robust enough.

This is only a partial kit, and it does not come with the battery or battery compartment.

This may appeal, however, to people that want to buy a battery that will allow them crazy far range capabilities instead of being restricted to what a kit provides.

As we saw with the Maxfind kit, which only had a max range of 13 miles, sometimes certain components can be more limiting than others.

We are not convinced about what sort of after-sales support you might get if you have any problems with the components, even before you start working with them.

L-Faster state “This is DIY product, we will try our best to make it perfect, but if it has a little flaw that doesn’t affect its work, hope you can understand, and if you don’t accept this, please don’t buy this item, thank you very much.”.

This could set off warning bells for some people and should be taken into consideration before purchasing.

Overall Verdict

More powerful and a little less expensive than the Maxfind kit, this also has wheels that would work for off-roading. 

Don’t forget though that it doesn’t include a battery, so this would necessitate an additional purchase and expense.

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3.  DIY Kit from Separate Suppliers

If you want to custom build your kit, then you can select the different parts to meet with your own requirements.

If you are not so bothered about having a very powerful motor, then selecting a less powerful one can save some money.

You won’t need so much power if you don’t plan to tackle a lot of hills, ride off-road or you are not a heavier rider.

If you are not planning on riding far, you might not need such a powerful battery. Sometimes this can work in your favour in terms of budget.

We have broken down some of the separate components that usually comprise a full electric skateboard kit with some suggested individual products for your consideration.

Always make sure you do your own research.  Double-check that the components will be compatible with each other and appropriate for your board shape, size, and design.

Motor Kit Options

If you are looking for a powerful motor mount kit for street riding, why not consider the Tony Hawk 1600w motor with wheels suited to road riding.  

Or, for a cheaper alternative, you could look at the Esk8Club option.  It features 450w dual motors, so it is less powerful, but it will still manage well if you don’t plan to do too much hill riding.

Electric Skateboard Battery Options

Some batteries come with the appropriate battery pack enclosures for fitting it to the skateboard; others don’t.

If you purchase a battery with the power you want but don’t know how to attach it to your board, this DIYE enclosure could be a good and affordable choice.

Just make sure your battery is compact enough to fit inside it.

Maxfind also does a selection of skateboard batteries (with the compartment to put it in provided).

If you want to start out with the least expensive option, they have a 36v, 2,2AH Lithium-Ion Battery. Don’t forget this will not give you a very great range.

If you want something that will go the distance, you will have to invest a little more money.

This battery is a bit more powerful with 5.5 ampere-hours, and it also comes with a charger.

Remote Controller

This little remote from Van Pro is well-reviewed and a compact and affordable option. It is not compatible with all motors though.

You will need to check if it is appropriate for the motor you have selected before ordering.

  • Powerful
  • Rainproof
  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Rainproof
  • Compact
  • Partial kit with great power
  • Works well for off-road riding
  • Partial kit with great power
  • Works well for off-road riding
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