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Wondering how fast electric scooters go? We’ve got you covered.

From a list of the fastest overall, to a discussion on what impacts scooter speeds (and more!), this article will answer all your questions.

Electric scooters continue to grow in popularity.

In 2018, a report released by the National Association of City Transportation Officials confirmed they had overtaken electric bikes as the most popular form of shared transport in the United States.

And it’s no wonder they’re so popular. They tend to be less stiff and much more portable than electric bikes, and they can still reach fast maximum speeds. They’re also environmentally-friendly.

For regular long-distance commuters, as well as for considering how much it will cost and its reliability, the scooter’s speed and range capability is a deciding factor. Getting to work quickly is obviously a big priority.

Let’s dive in!

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

Most regular electric scooters have a max speed of 20mph. If you have ever ridden one, you will know that this is generally plenty fast enough.

For those speed demons that want to push it to the limit, some models can go considerably faster than this.

Rion Motors have developed one of the fastest electric scooters. With a carbon fiber frame and a massive 5000-watt motor, it has been tested at reaching speeds of over 60 mph. It is claimed that it could reach eye-wateringly fast speeds of 80 miles per hour!

Speed Range of the Fastest Popular Models

If you don’t want to get a custom order scooter, there are models available to buy off-the-shelf that still go seriously fast. We have listed some of those models below for ease of reference.

Check out our article on the fastest electric scooters for more details on the pros and cons of some of these models.

Scooter Top Speed
Max Outstorm Ultra High-Speed56mph
Jueshuai Dual Motors 50mph
NANROBOT Feverup D5+ 40mph
Speedway 5 40mph
Dualtron Thunder 40mph
Uberscoot 1600w 30mph
Speedway Mini IV Pro26mph
Mercane WideWheel 25mph
Boosted Rev 24mph

What Factors Impact eScooter Top Speed?

When you are checking the technical specification of some of the best electric scooters, they will usually advise of the top speed possible. You should be aware that it is not always possible to reach those speeds. Certain other things can influence the speed of an electric scooter, including the following.

The Weight of the Rider

The heavier the rider is, the harder the motor and the battery will have to work to push the scooter up to top speeds. Usually, the manufacturers will advise of the maximum weight capacity that a scooter can handle.

Getting up to high speeds will take longer with a heavier rider. Sometimes, the motor will just not manage to convert enough power to push you up to the fastest speeds that the scooter is capable of. 

A heavier rider will also drain the battery life more quickly and you will have less range on a single charge because the motor has to work harder to get up to those top speeds.

Where possible, always make sure that you select a scooter that has a maximum weight capacity considerably above your weight to enable you to maximize its speed potential.

Check our reviews of the best electric scooters for heavier riders here.

fast electric scooter

The Type of Terrain

If you are riding a scooter on anything but perfectly smooth road surfaces, be prepared for this to impact on your speed.

Dirt tracks, for example, can mean that the scooter will sink further into the ground and lumps and bumps will naturally slow the speed. The motor has to work harder to cope with these types of surfaces, and it will make it a challenge to hit the highest speeds.

Riding up steep gradients can have a huge impact on your speed, especially if the motor size is small. If you live somewhere like San Francisco, it is going to be harder to get up to top speeds.

If you do plan to take it off-road or ride it regularly up hills, make sure you select a model that is designed to handle this sort of terrain. It will need a powerful battery and motor, and it will perform better if it has air-filled rather than solid tires.

Check our reviews of the best off-road electric scooters here.

Tire Pressure

If your scooter has pneumatic tires, you should regularly check their pressure. If they become too soft, this can impact on your speed and range capabilities.

It also means that they will be less effective at absorbing the shocks from any rougher terrain that you are tackling. You are not going to get such a smooth ride.

Some scooters come with solid rubber tires. They can be a good choice for straight forward commuting, and it means you don’t have to worry about getting a puncture.

If you plan to do any serious trail scooting, then a model with air-filled tires would usually be the preferred choice for better all-around riding experience.

Riding on a Low Charge

With some scooter models, as the battery begins to drain, this will impact your scooter’s performance. To enable you to continue powering along at top speeds, you should avoid running your battery down to close to empty.

Avoiding letting it run right down to empty regularly can also be better for the overall longevity of your lithium battery too.

How To Make an Electric Scooter Go Faster

As well as keeping the weight down, and riding on a full charge with appropriately filled tires, it is possible to help a scooter go faster by making certain modifications. Generally, this involves installing a more powerful battery and/or electric motor. 

Making modifications requires some technical expertise, and before tackling this, you should always be confident that you know what you are doing. 

Also be aware that if you do make any alterations, this will invalidate any warranty that you may have on your scooter. Often, it will be easier just to make a decision that you want to go for a higher specification model and buy this instead.

If you want to install a more powerful battery, you need to be careful that this will not cause the electrics to overheat. This can be done by reprogramming the scooter’s controller to allow it to handle higher speeds.

Sometimes you can bypass the controller altogether and connect the battery directly to the motor.

Safety Should be a Priority For High-Speed Riders

Hitting those top speeds means that you have to be extra careful about where and how you are riding. 

Protective gear is a must have at high speeds, and you will need to check the local laws and regulations to find out where you can use the scooter at high speeds.

A helmet is an obvious requirement, but it would be sensible to also invest in further protective body gear including elbow, knee and chest protectors. Don’t skip this important consideration.

Fractures are common scooter injuries, and you should also be aware of the risk you can be putting others at when riding at these speeds. Pick quiet stretches of the track which are free from heavy traffic and pedestrians.

Riding city streets over 20mph is not generally recommended.

If you are new to electric scooters, be aware of your own limitations and expertise. Don’t push up to the high speeds until you are a confident and experienced rider.

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